Affpower: A Rogue Affiliate Program?

Launched on Income Access affiliate platform, Affpower Affiliates is an affiliate program provider with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. It handles several brands, including Smashing Casino and Casino1club. Affpower takes pride in its team that consists of experts in e-mail marketing SEO. With a strong background and a powerful workforce, it is able to easily get webmasters who want to earn through Bitcoin affiliate marketing.

However, you might have doubts in joining this program as it has faced a lot of controversies including the alleged pirating of NetEnt games, detagging of players from affiliate accounts, and executing of Negative SEO attacks, to name a few. With these issues surrounding Affpower, is it still worth it to join this program? Find out in this review.

The Six Brands Under Affpower

Affpower has six flagship brands. Learn more about these brands below.

  1. Smashing Casino – Owned and operated by Game Tech Group N.V, Smashing Casino provides high-quality games from well-known software providers, like Betsoft and Fugazo.
  2. Casino1club – Casino1club houses video slots, live casino, video poker, and a lot more. It also offers jackpot games for all players.
  3. Cashpot Casino – The betting site gives rewarding welcome bonuses and other promotions. It also offers fast payments and reliable support channels.
  4. ParkLane Casino – Players of ParkLane Casino can play for real or for fun. It also has a live casino, live roulette, and live blackjack.
  5. Euromoon Casino – Loyal players of Euromoon Casino can get rewards from the casino’s VIP loyalty program. This program grants players access to exclusive incentives, competitions, and events.
  6. Osiris Casino – This casino offers a wide selection of games. It also supports various payment options, like Paypal, bank transfer, credit card, and more.

Promoting various brands can help you earn more funds monthly. But the case may be different with Affpower. Since the program has become so controversial, all the aforementioned casinos have been blacklisted, a reason your market reach will be very limited once you become an Affpower affiliate.

Commission Structures of Affpower

You will be offered revenue sharing scheme, CPA deal, and hybrid deal when you become a partner of Affpower. Sub-affiliation is also available in case you want to earn extra income from your referred co-affiliates. Know more details about the different earning plans below.

Revenue Share Scheme

The revenue share model gives you a percentage of the net revenue generated by the casino through your referrals. This long-term earning plan gives you a lifetime commission of up to 50%. As there is no information on the required net gaming revenue, you can contact the program’s affiliate manager and ask about how you can get the max 50% rev share rate.

CPA Deal

This plan offers a one-time payment for every player that registers through your link. Affiliates focusing on PPC and pre-set media campaigns are recommended to have this plan. But not all promoters are qualified for this earning structure. Affiliates need to send their CPA application form to their affiliate manager first to activate the CPA deal.

Hybrid Deal

You have the option to have revenue sharing and CPA deal in one commission structure through the hybrid deal. This plan is perfect if you are into SEO, newsletter campaigns, and media campaigns. However, you need to negotiate with your affiliate manager first to have this plan.


You can gain extra money with sub-affiliation. This additional earning plan requires you to bring in affiliates. In return, you will earn 5% of the monthly income of your referred webmasters.

Compared with other Bitcoin affiliate programs, AffPower gives you several commission structure options. Whether you select revenue share, CPA deal, or hybrid deal, you have a chance of earning affiliate commissions. Plus, with the sub-affiliation plan, you can earn extra profit.

Payment Terms

Affpower claims that it will pay you on time. All earnings are sent between the 15th and 25th of each month through any of the following cash-out methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

The program is planning to add more payment options, so be sure to check updates. If there is one thing that you should look out for in this program, it is the minimum payment threshold. You can withdraw an amount for as long as it is at least US$250.

Despite having this, you will not have negative balances at the start of each month. With the program’s no negative balance carryover feature, you start each month free from negatives. Affpower will also provide you with reports of your referrals’ activities and affiliate fees. In addition, these reports will indicate your commission levels and the number of clicks on your referral link.

Affpower Marketing Tools and Support Channels

Affpower gives you access to free marketing tools. Media and newsletter campaigns will help you attract potential referrals. The program also lets you use the free games from GameScale and BetSoft. You just need to provide your affiliate tracking ID, brand, and language.

For concerns or suggestions, you can email the program’s support team. If you want a faster response, feel free to contact your affiliate manager via Skype.

Should You Join Affpower?

Affpower gives you a chance to earn monthly by promoting six gaming portals. You will receive promotional tools to attract potential referrals. On top of that, negative balances are not carried over to the next month, which means that you start each month with a clean slate.

The affiliate program also impresses Bitcoin gambling affiliates like you with its commission plans. You can choose your preferred commission structure from among CPA deal, revenue sharing, or hybrid deal. It will not matter much which earning plan you select because all three have rewarding rates. For extra income, you can add sub-affiliation to your plan.

Although you may find it hard to resist the rewarding offers of Affpower, you must consider the controversies linked to the program. After all, it is important that you join a program that can pay you monthly without pirating other games or any forms of illegal acts. With all the alleged illegalities being pinned on Affpower which now being called a rogue program, it is recommended that you find another program that can provide you with better offers.