Become Affiliates

Become Affiliates: A Not Good Enough Program?

Become Affiliates aims to be the best affiliate partner by providing you with a variety of tools and up-to-date reports. It also gives you a chance to earn money by promoting three well-known brands: 77jackpot, 1Bet2Bet, and NetPlayPoker. After all, it is better to promote more betting sites for a bigger chance of earning monthly. More than those, the program offers you two commission plans. But will these features convince you to be part of Become Affiliates? Continue reading this review to find out.

Brands Under Become Affiliates

There are three gaming hubs backed up by Become Affiliates: 77jackpot, 1Bet2Bet, and NetPlayPoker. Here is what you need to know about these betting sites:

  • 77jackpot

The gaming portal is known for its live casino. It works with well-known software providers such as Microgaming, BetSoft, and Amatic to give players a great gaming experience.

  • 1Bet2Bet

Established in 2001, 1Bet2Bet is popular for its generous welcome bonuses. It boasts its live casino and live sportsbook.

  • NetPlayPoker

As the name suggests, NetPlayPoker provides high-quality poker games. It even has different tournaments that players will surely enjoy.

Referring players to any of the three betting sites should be easy as all three offer a wide selection of games. These gaming portals even have rewarding bonuses that will keep players coming back for more.

Become Affiliates’ Commission Structures

In this program, you are offered two commission plans: revenue sharing and CPA deal. To find the suitable plan for you, check the detailed explanation of these earning plans below.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

This plan bases your commission on the net gaming revenue that the betting site receives from your referrals. But that is not the case with Become Affiliates. If you choose this plan, your income will depend on the number of referrals that you bring in. Below are the different rev share percentages offered by the program:

  • Refer 1 to 20 players per month – Get 25% revenue share
  • Refer 21 to 50 players per month – Get 30% revenue share
  • Refer 51 or more players per month – Get 35% revenue share

To get your desired revenue share rate, you can share your affiliate link to different social media channels. You can even maximize the use of the free campaign materials from Become Affiliates by placing these in your website.

CPA Deal

CPA deal will base your income on every player you bring in. Fortunately, this plan has a different rate for casino players and sportsbook bettors, giving you a chance to earn more.

Instead of earning only US$100 by referring sportsbook players, you can get an additional US$250 once casino players register through your link. However, in order for you to get the highest CPA rate, you need to reach the following referral count requirements:

CPA rates for sportsbook bettors:

  • Refer 1 to 10 players per month – Get US$50
  • Refer 10 to 20 players per month – Get US$70
  • Refer 21 or more players per month – Get US$100

CPA rates for casino players:

  • Refer 1 to 10 players per month – Get US$200
  • Refer 10 to 20 players per month – Get US$225
  • Refer 21 or more players per month – Get US$250

Take note that for the CPA deal, your referrals must have a baseline deposit of US$25. A player who fails to deposit this amount will not be considered as your referral.

At first, you would think you can earn more on Become Affiliates because of the attainable requirements of its commission plans. However, you will be disappointed that the program offers low commission rates.

There are other Bitcoin referral programs that can give you a fixed CPA rate of US$200 for every referred player, whereas Become Affiliates require you to refer 21 or more players to get US$250. In addition, you can find an affiliate program that can give you a higher rev share rate than 35%.

Payment Terms of Become Affiliates

Become Affiliates sends your commission on the first two weeks of the month. In addition, the program supports several payment options:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Player account

Take note that the payment options available have a payment threshold. This means that you can withdraw via your player account, Neteller, Skrill, or Paypal as long as it is at least €50.

Marketing Tools and Reports

You need promotional tools to grab the attention of your potential referrals. Become Affiliates will give you sportsbook widgets and bonuses. You will also receive XML flow, analysis, and reports to give you updates on your marketing venture.

For concerns and recommendations about the program, you can email the support team. If you want a faster response, you can call the hotline provided by Become Affiliates.

Should You Join Become Affiliates?

Become Affiliates is a program provider that handles three betting sites. You have the option to promote one or all brands. Once you become a member of Become Affiliates, you will be offered two commission plans: revenue sharing and CPA deal.

You will also receive various marketing tools that can catch the attention of your referrals. If you have questions, you can easily contact the support team with the program’s two support channels. You will even find it convenient that the program supports several payment channels.

Although the offers of Become Affiliates are good, you will have second thoughts when you find out about its commission plans. The highest revenue share that you can get is 35% only whereas you can get up to 60% in other programs. In addition, you are required to refer a certain number of referrals when you choose CPA deal instead of getting paid per single player that you refer.

If you are already satisfied with the offers of Become Affiliates, you are welcome to sign up and become a member. But if you think that you can find a program that has high conversion rates, you can read more affiliate program reviews to find the best program for you.