Gambling Attack Affiliates

Gambling Attack is an affiliate program responsible for bringing plenty of opportunities to earn. The brand is a known partner program used by marketers and other top brands. Its services aim to promote reputable online gaming brands to betting communities around the globe. Be part of the Gambling Attack affiliates partners and see the benefits for yourself.

A number of Bitcoin casino programs are also eyeing Gambling Attack as a candidate for its quality services. Once you register as Gambling Attack affiliates, prepare for profit-filled experiences every step of the way.

Gambling Attack Affiliates

Commission models

What’s great about Gambling Attack affiliates is that you can choose from three commission schemes. There’s a Revenue Share plan. You can use a Dynamic Revenue Share Plan. The third model involves a Cost per Acquisition plan.

Revenue Share gives a fixed rate. This is based on the referred player’s net revenue. Basically, the way your referred players perform reflects the profits you receive. Get 40% of the casino income.

Dynamic Revenue Share gives you a chance to earn based on a specific structure. This depends on the amount of first deposit you get from your referred players in one day. Get $70-$120 for a registered player who meets the minimum deposit amount. More first deposits mean more earnings for you.

Your third and last option is Cost per Acquisition. This one is a bit trickier than the first two. It is only available upon request. Here, you get paid per registered player who meets a minimum deposit. 15 deposits a day gets you 45%. This can grow up to 60% if you get 100 first deposits in a day. Contact the Gambling Attack affiliates manager if you want to change your commission model.

Promotion and tools

Gambling Attack affiliates provide you with a Bitcoin referral program code. You can use this to count referred players. It also shows the statistics of each player, including deposits, winnings, losses, and played games.

You can use the logo and the content of the brands you promote on your site. Place banners and links that will lead new customers to your chosen partner casino.


Get your Gambling Attack affiliates payments weekly, every Monday. The great thing about this Bitcoin affiliate program is that the minimum payment amount is only $2. There are no additional charges or administration fees. Get your earnings via Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, and ePayments.

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  • Ice Casino Affiliate Program– Another one of Gambling Attack’s products include Ice Casino. Earn with the help of 3 commission models. Grow your bankrolls and start yielding greater profits.