Genesys Affiliates

There are plenty of reasons Genesys Affiliates is one of the top-rank names that offers fiat and Bitcoin casino programs that welcome anyone who wants open a new stream of income. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time partnering with a gaming brand or you’re experienced in online marketing, Genesys unfolds tons of opportunities for everyone.

Registration takes no more than a few minutes. You can become a partner just by providing the necessary details. Head to the site and fill up the registration form. There are no fees. There are no hidden charges. If you want to become partner of Genesys Affiliates brands, you can do it all without spending a single cent.


Genesys Affiliates get competitive commission deals. You can choose from different models. The first is a Net Gaming Revenue. Get an initial rate of 25%. You can bump this up to 35% if you get more referrals and if more bets are placed.

Meanwhile, you can also activate CPA and Hybrid deals. All you have to do is get in touch with the Bitcoin affiliate manager. Keep in mind that these deals are subject to individuals agreements. CPA and Hybrid deals are contracted on a case to case basis.

Marketing tools

Genesys Affiliates will never leave you empty-handed. With the help of its Bitcoin affiliate marketing tools, you can spice up your sites and add a few elements that could help you attract and encourage more players.

Choose from the selection of campaigns available when you login to your accounts. There are various banners or text links you can place on your site. Grab the code. Enjoy the benefits of the Genesys Affiliates marketing solutions.

In addition, if you are in need of reviews, wallpapers, mini game banners, or other promotional materials you can use for your site, you can get in touch with the Genesys representatives. Get all the help you need. Become a successful partner.

Join now and become a partner

To seal the deal, you have to know that the Genesys Affiliate partner brands all pack qualities that can bring the ultimate gaming experience. This means there is no shortage of quality referred players can indulge in. Secure your earnings alongside the fine characteristics of the partner brands. Moreover, all partners are allowed to create their own campaign function, given access to real-time statistics and in-depth reporting tools, and dedicated account management.

  • Grand Eagle Affiliate Program– With all the amazing games, bonus, and services of Grand Eagle, there’s also a great affiliate deal that allows everyone to start earning some more cash. Check out the Revenue Share Deal of the casino and be in for a rewarding surprise.
  • Lucky Creek Affiliate ProgramGenesys Affiliates takes pride in its partnership with Lucky Creek. This means the excellent gaming site is also a destination for potential affiliate partners. Sign-up now and seal the Revenue Share Deal that can bring up to 35% in earnings.