Anonibet Affiliates

AnoniBetAnonibet is an established online sportsbook and casino that exclusively operates on Bitcoin. It already has years of experience in the business, having been introduced in 2011, and is regarded as one of the leaders in the Bitcoin gambling industry.

In June 2014, it launched its own program amongst renowned Bitcoin casino affiliate programs, aimed at broadening its marketing platform and promoting Bitcoin as its preferred and valued payment method. The affiliate program hosted on this website is designed to effectively benefit the affiliates using a user-friendly system that taps technologies developed for affiliate marketing.

This website uses the software provided by Post Affiliate Pro, the intuitive affiliate software that enables easy tracking of affiliate referrals and sales. It works seamlessly in web browsers and is even optimized for usage on mobile devices through the mobile app developed for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The Anonibet referral program is guaranteed to be simple and to work without any complex producers. You as an affiliate will receive commission payouts once a visitor clicks on the affiliate link you have provided on your website or through the emails you have sent and if he or she makes an order that has been later on reviewed and approved by the system.

With just one click and order, you can already receive your monthly commissions. Thus, there is a total of four weeks on the average during which you can accrue sales starting from the first day of the month up until the last.

The Bitcoin casino affiliates platform also offers competitive commission rates. A rate of 0.3% is allotted for Pre Match Single Bets and Live Single Bets while 1% is for Pre Match Multiple Bets, Pre Match System Bets, and Live Multiple Bets. The high conversion rates simply translate to more bitcoins for the registered affiliates.

However, before you can benefit from the offerings of Anonibet affiliate program, it is a prerequisite that you create an account first with Anonibet. This is integral because the member ID assigned to you will be the one used as the referral ID, which is instrumental for your affiliate account to be approved.

This affiliate program certainly looks organized as if it has gone through thorough planning. Therefore, you should not worry about its reliability. When it comes to its effectivity, though, every affiliate is assured of income and ease in promotion because this brand is already popular for its sports betting and casino gaming services.

Furthermore, it has already established a favorable reputation in the online gaming scene, and this is already a testament that partnering with Anonibet via its affiliate program will be advantageous. After all, you have a better chance at collecting more profits every month by combining your gambling winnings and commission payouts.

Overall, if you are looking for a program that will make affiliate marketing easy for you, especially if it is only your first time in such trade, what this brand offers is already a great choice.

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