Anonymous Casino Affiliate Program

As a Bitcoin affiliate, you can make the most out of the continuous rise of cryptocurrency in the online gambling world. You can do this by joining Anonymous Casino affiliate program. This program allows you to promote a gaming site that not only provides payment convenience but also guarantees anonymity. Add to these offers the other features of Bitcoin gaming and you will find it easier to keep the money rolling.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


20% to 30% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover, daily updated reports, affiliate profile, ad banners, affiliate link
Affiliate Manager Contact


Responsive support staff
Fast Payout


On-time payment, twice a month; no administration fees


Casino, Jackpot Games, Live Casino, Poker, Sports

Read through this Bitcoin casino affiliates review and discover what partnering with Anonymous Casino is like. At the end, you will see whether or not the partnership will be worth your while.

Anonymous Casino affiliate program profit

Earning through Anonymous Casino affiliate program requires that you bring in new players. This Bitcoin referral program shall provide you with materials you will use in marketing. Each player who clicks through your campaign link and signs up with the casino counts.

If all in all, your invites contributed profit to the gaming site worth less than 1 BTC per month, you get 20% of the casino’s net gaming revenue. This rate goes up to 25% if your players made the site earn 1 to 10 BTC. Work all the harder and a higher rev share awaits. If the casino gains more than 10 BTC per month from your players, you will get the highest share which is 30%.

Promotional materials and tracking tools

To further aid the success of your Bitcoin affiliate marketing venture, Anonymous Casino affiliate program gives you effective marketing tools. These include attractive banners and catchy text links. Use these well on your website/s and you will see how easy earning can be.

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You can even view the number of players clicking through your links. Anonymous Casino affiliate program generates reports regarding your performance. These reports include not only your players’ activities but also the changes in your account balance. Refer to these stats and data so that you have feeds on which you can base your next step in marketing.

Anonymous Casino affiliate payment terms

The rev share you may get through Anonymous Casino affiliate program may not be as high as what other partnerships offer. But you can rest assured that the payments are on schedule. Better than that is the fact that you get paid not only once, but rather twice per month.

Best of all, there are no admin fees. This means you will not worry anymore about receiving an amount that is less than your net profit. You can also expect that the cashing out of your earnings from your account is fast. This is thanks to the trusted BTC/LTC/ETH payment channel. Should there be concerns about your payments or membership, you can always contact the email support team of the program.

Bitcoin Affiliate Manager

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