Black Chip Poker Affiliate Program

Be a Black Chip Poker Affiliate to Get 35% Rev Share

One of the classic betting sites that you can find is Black Chip Poker. This gaming portal offers tournaments that you will enjoy as a player. It also has various promotions for you.  But if you are looking for a Bitcoin affiliate program that offers rewarding commission deals, you should check out its affiliate program.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


8% to 35% revenue share
Geo Location


None, accepts players worldwide including US
Advance Marketing


Reviews, banners, landing pages, and mailers
Affiliate Manager Contact


Skype, email, or phone
Fast Payout


Get paid within the first three weeks of the month


Poker, Slots

Black Chip Poker Affiliate Program is powered by Winning Poker Network. It offers earning plans that do not limit you to revenue sharing. It even allows you to incorporate into your marketing strategy the greatest features of Black Chip Poker. In addition, when you sign up for this program, you will have access to promotional tools that will easily attract players. To know more advantages of being a Black Chip Poker affiliate, read on.

Gain Profits through CPA and Rev Share

There are different types of earning plans in this program: rev share, CPA, and sub-affiliation. Take note that players on the gaming site can choose to be part of the rakeback plan or VIP elite. These two groups offer different deals for you.

If you choose the CPA deal, you can promote either the VIP elite program or the rakeback plan. For the net revenue share package of VIP elites, the profit range is 25% to 35%. Twenty-five percent rev share is yours when your invites contribute to the betting site up to US$7,500 worth of net gaming revenue. The earning rate increases to 35% if the net revenue your players were able to give the casino is US$50,001 or more.

When promoting the rakeback program, the minimum net revenue that Black Chip Poker should get from your players is US$10,000 for you to earn 8% rev share. If the gamers contributed more than US$100,000 worth of profit to the casino, your share rises to 12%. You can also try sub-affiliation that requires you to find another affiliate who will market the casino. Here, you get 2% of your recruited affiliate’s commission.

Tools to Promote Black Chip Poker’s Tourneys and Bonuses

With more Bitcoin affiliates referring the gambling portal, you need to make yourself stand out. You can do this by using the reviews, banners, landing pages, and mailers from the program.

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Apart from these promotional tools, you can also the gaming portal’s tournaments and bonuses as materials or references in your campaign. The different tournaments, like Re-Buy, Final Table, Sit and Go, Multi, and Table, and the various promotions for everyone are enough to significantly increase your chance to keep bettors coming.

Monthly and On-Time Commissions

The program will generate daily reports for you to see data on signup conversions, player activity, registrations, hits, and more. These detailed reports give you an overview of your performance as a casino partner.

As you continue to improve your performance, you receive your payouts within the first three weeks of the month. All your earnings go directly to your player account in BTC. Since your profit comes in the form of cryptocurrency, expect that all withdrawals are quick and easy.

For inquiries, feel free to contact the Skype support or send your affiliate manager an email. There is also a hotline you can call for a faster response. These communication channels will keep you in contact with the affiliate program. Now, after knowing the benefits that you will get from this program, you are guaranteed that Black Chip affiliate program is among those you should consider signing up for.

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