CasinoMax Affiliate Program

CasinoMax Affiliate Program: Big Startup Rate to Boost Your Campaign

CasinoMax affiliate program is working with Legend Affiliates, an affiliate program provider with 50 years of experience. This provider is led by an iGB award winner, Martyn Beacon. He is known for his casino affiliate programs, including that of CasinoMax, that have been helping casino partners gain big profit.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


25% to 45% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Australia, Costa Rica, Curacao, France, Israel, Romania, Russia or United Kingdom
Advance Marketing


Text links and banners
Affiliate Manager Contact


Email and live chat
Fast Payout


Get paid every 15th working day of the month with no negative balance carryover


Bingo, Craps, Keno, Progressive, Scratch Cards, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker

Since CasinoMax Affiliates is backed up by a good affiliate program provider, you, as a Bitcoin casino affiliate, will be at ease that you have a big chance of gaining profit monthly. What will further convince you to join this program is the fact that CasinoMax accepts US players. This means you get to have a wider market reach. Know the commission plans, marketing tools, and other offers of the program here.

Get 50% Rev Share Good for Your First Two Months

You will automatically be under the revenue sharing scheme after you sign up with the affiliate program of CasinoMax. Do not worry because you can add sub-affiliation plan as a complement with rev sharing. Find out how much you can earn from these earning plans.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

Not all affiliate programs or affiliate program providers can give you a startup rate. This special rate will give you an advantage of earning more profit compared with when you are under other affiliate programs. Lucky for you, CasinoMax Affiliates is generous enough to give your campaign a boost.

You will get 50% rev share in your first two months as an affiliate of CasinoMax. During such period, you do not have to worry about how many players you should refer or how much profit the casino should get from your referrals. However, after the two-month period, you will have to comply with the net gaming revenue requirement to get to any of the following tiers:

  • Net revenue of US$1 to US$10,000 – Get 25% rev share
  • Net revenue of US$10,001 to US$20,000– Get 30% rev share
  • Net revenue of US$20,001 to US$30,000 – Get 35% rev share
  • Net revenue of US$30,001 to US$45,000 – Get 40% rev share
  • Net revenue of US$45,001 or more – Get 45% rev share

Getting the highest rate should be easy for you especially when you target aggressive bettors. You may also refer more and more players to reach the required amount of net gaming revenue from which your rev share will come. Continue working hard on your website’s traffic and the highest rev share rate can be yours.


Players are not the only ones you can refer to make money but also prospective affiliates. The sub-affiliation plan of the program gives you the opportunity to earn more than just rev shares. Invite your peers to the program, and when they sign up as affiliates, you can get 5% of their total income per month.

What is great about partnering with CasinoMax is that you earn not only through rev sharing but also through the sub-affiliation plan. Having these both, and the generous startup rate, can get you the monthly income that you deserve.

Campaign Tools and Payment Terms

In order to achieve the ceiling rate with no worries, you need to use the marketing tools provided by CasinoMax. The text links and banners that you will receive will help you rake in more players. Match these tools with your Bitcoin affiliate marketing strategy and you might just be in for a higher profit.

Join Now

As you aim for big commissions, the program assures your that your earnings will be sent to you every 15th working day of the month. To check whether the program is transparent when it comes to your funds, you may check your statistical reports reflecting your current and previous earnings.

Do not worry about negative balances because you start each month with a clean slate. With the program’s “no negative carryover” feature, you can rest assured that you will have a positive balance in your payout report every start of the month.

Payout options should not be a problem for you because CasinoMax affiliate program offers these reliable payment methods:

  • US wire
  • US checks
  • Non-US wire
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Take note that all cash-out methods have a payment threshold of US$200. You must meet the said amount before you can withdraw all your income. In case you have questions about your payments or about anything else, you may contact the email support of CasinoMax Affiliates. If you are looking for a faster way to get answers, you may use the live chat support. Rest assured that the support team will respond to your inquiries once your message is received.

Should You Join CasinoMax Affiliate Program?

CasinoMax Affiliates gives you a startup rate of 50% in your first two months. After that, you can get up to 45% rev share. You can easily get this rate with the help of the banners and text links from the program. As for payment terms, CasinoMax affiliate program will give your payouts monthly without negative balance carryovers. With all the advantages that you will get from CasinoMax affiliate program, you should not think twice about promoting CasinoMax.

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