Masters-bet Affiliate Program

Masters-bet Affiliate Program: Promises a Great Affiliate Package

With the growing number of sportsbooks nowadays, it is no surprise that Bitcoin affiliates are starting to cater to sports bettors as well. Among the long list of potential online bookies to promote, Masters-bet has kept its good reputation among affiliates.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


25% to 40% rev share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Link creator, banner builder, media, XML feed, and JSON feed
Affiliate Manager Contact


Contact form
Fast Payout


Get paid on the 15th of each month with no negative balance carryover


Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook

What made Masters-bet one of the top picks of affiliates is its wide selection of pre-matches events and sports. Promoters are not limited to referring only sports bettors as the gaming site offers a casino and live casino as well for a wide market reach.

Masters-bet Affiliate Program has attractive offers. You can expect flexible commission plans, a wide array of promotional materials, and on-time monthly payments. Should you sign up with this program? Learn more in this review.

Masters-bet’s Sportsbook, Casino, and Live Casino

Masters-bet is one of the biggest online bookies available. It offers around 40 sports with 33,000 live events monthly and around 4,000 slots from 30 top-notch game providers.

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Players will find promotions exclusive for the sportsbook, casino, and live casino sections of the gaming site. Another reason to promote this site is its wide range of payment methods that can provide players with quick payments.

Revenue Share Scheme vs CPA Deal

There are two commission plans offered in this program: revenue share scheming and CPA deal. Both deals have satisfactory rates, and you have the option to add sub-affiliation to your plan for more monthly income. Learn more about these earning structures below.

Revenue Share Scheme

The tiered commission scheme bases your income on the net revenue generated by the casino from your referrals. You can earn from 25% up to 40% rev share rate monthly. Below are the required net revenue and rev share percentages.

  • Net revenue of up to US$1,000 – Get 25% revenue share
  • Net revenue of US$1,001 to US$2,000 – Get 27% revenue share
  • Net revenue of US$2,0001 to US$3,500 – Get 30% revenue share
  • Net revenue of US$3,501 to US$5,000 – Get 32% revenue share
  • Net revenue of US$5,001 to US$7,000 – Get 34% revenue share
  • Net revenue of US$7,001 to US$10,000 – Get 36% revenue share
  • Net revenue of more than US$10,001 – Get 40% revenue share

The same rates are given if you refer casino and live casino players. Unfortunately, the program does not offer introductory revenue share rates unlike other programs.

CPA Deal

In this plan, you do not need to refer a certain number of players or hit certain net revenue contribution. Instead, you get a fixed profit for every player that you bring in. Take note that your referrals must be qualified based on the CPA requirements provided by the program.


Meanwhile, sub-affiliation lets you refer your fellow webmasters to get a percentage of their monthly profit. The good news is that this plan can work simultaneously with either the revenue share scheme or CPA deal.

If the aforementioned commission plans do not fit your preference, you have the option to suggest a tailor-made earning plan. All you have to do is contact your affiliate manager to get started.

Get Your Income Once a Month

The program pays you every 15th day of each month. Take note that the minimum withdrawable amount is US$50. Adding to this, the program has the “no negative balance carryover” feature, so you start each month free from negatives. The only problem is that the program does not state its supported payment methods. In this case, it is best that you contact your affiliate manager.

Marketing Tools for Your Campaign

For you to catch the attention of your potential referrals, you will need marketing tools. Fortunately, the program will provide you with several advertising materials such as a link creator, banner builder, media, XML feed, and JSON feed. You are also allowed to use the content available from the betting site. If you want personalized materials, feel free to suggest your idea to your affiliate manager.

Should You Join Masters-bet Affiliate Program?

If you are interested in referring sports bettors, then you should consider joining Masters-bet Affiliate Program. It gives you a chance to earn every month by promoting Masters-bet, which is known in the sports betting industry for its huge sportsbook. Apart from referring sports bettors, you can also bring in casino and live casino players.

You are free to use the promotional tools that you will receive from Masters-bet Affiliate Program to catch the attention of your potential referrals. Refer as many players as you can, and you have a chance to get the highest revenue share rate of 40%. But if you prefer one-time payments, you can opt for the CPA deal. Either way, there are satisfactory rates.

The program also gives you a chance to customize your campaign by being open to tailor-made commission plans and personalized marketing tool proposals. The downside, however, is that you need to contact your affiliate manager to know the supported payment methods. In addition, the program imposes a payment threshold.

Overall, it is evident that Masters-bet Affiliate Program deserves your membership, especially with its rewarding offers. But if you still think that there is a better program for you, feel free to read more affiliate program reviews.

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