SatoshiBet Affiliates


NOTE: Satoshibet is already closed and therefore has discontinued its affiliate program. Check out other affiliate programs in our Bitcoin casino affiliates review page.

On top of offering exciting and entertaining Bitcoin casino games, SatoshiBet also brings forth a unique and simple affiliate program. However, unlike most types of the Bitcoin casino affiliate platform featured on other gambling sites, SatoshiBet affiliates have the complete freedom on how they will turn their career in affiliate marketing to a successful and profit-making one.

Although the idea of being in full control of marketing the Bitcoin casino may intimidate some starters, the SatoshiBet affiliate program is perfect for all kinds of individuals who are interested in earning extra income. Here, affiliates do not necessarily need to be experienced webmasters or experts in affiliate marketing. Thus, everyone, including you, can indulge in this trade.

If you choose to become one of the SatoshiBet affiliates, all you have to do is to take note of the unique referral link provided by the Bitcoin casino. From here on, you can practically do anything; just ensure that you effectively market its gambling services. This includes adding the referral link to your managed website.

With the freedom at hand, there are different ways you can possibly market SatoshiBet through your referral link. You may opt to create an image file showing different images related to SatoshiBet then link it to the Bitcoin casino using the referral link provided in the affiliate program. Likewise, you can embed the links on your call to actions within the content to redirect your visitors to the Bitcoin casino.

An effective promotional strategy through your website is essential because this is the way you will earn as an affiliate in this program. Each affiliate will receive 25% of the house edge of all the bets placed on the games by each of your referral. Thus, it would be better to attract as many players as possible and encourage them to play the Bitcoin casino games on SatoshiBet. What is even better is the fact that the platform to monitor your progress is readily accessible right on the betting site.

Surely, the Bitcoin casino affiliate program will greatly benefit all of the SatoshiBet affiliates, who are guaranteed to enjoy the straightforward and easy method of making money online.

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