Skybook Affiliate Program

Skybook Affiliate Program: Will the Flat Rev Share Offer be Worth Your Marketing Efforts?

Skybook affiliate program allows you to earn by promoting Skybook, a betting site known for its sportsbook, live casino, and horse racing. Referring new depositing players should be easy for you because you are targeting casino players and sports bettors.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


Flat 20% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Banners, contents, and other tools
Affiliate Manager Contact


Live chat, phone, and email
Fast Payout


Get paid every 1st day of the month with no negative balance carryover


Card Games, Horse Race, Live Casino, Minesweeper, Pontoon, Roulette, Slots, Sportsbook, Video Poker

By using the right campaign strategy and Skybook promotional tools, you have a big chance of gaining profit each month. Find out below if the commission offer of Skybook Affiliates will satisfy you.

Get 20% Lifetime Rev Share Rate as a Partner of Skybook

Revenue sharing scheme is the only commission plan offered by Skybook Affiliates. You get a flat 20% commission rate by referring players to the casino. The fixed revenue share rate will eliminate your worries of reaching a required number of players or aiming for a specific amount of net gaming revenue. No matter how many invites you garner or how much profit your referrals contribute to the casino, you get 20% rev share.

The problem here is, the commission rate in this program is relatively lower compared with that in other affiliate programs. While others can give you a flat rate of 50% or a max rate of 60%, Skybook can reward you with only 20% rev share. All your hard work of referring players will be more rewarding if you have a bigger commission rate.

Promote the Brand Using Helpful Tools and Monitor Profit via Reports

Affiliates of Skybook will receive promotional tools like banners, text content, and other materials that can attract global players. These materials can help increase the number of your referrals monthly. Be sure to maximize the use of these tools so that you can catch the attention of more potential players.

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For you to monitor how fruitful your marketing venture is, you may request the program to generate the statistical reports on your performance. These reports will show your monthly income and the number of affiliate link click-throughs. These marketing performance data will be sent to you on the first day every month.

Payment Terms and Support Team

Your earnings are sent to your Skybook player account on the first day of the month as well. This means you can use any of the following payment gateways used by Skybook players when they cash out their winnings:

  • Bitcoin
  • Person to person
  • Checks

Bear in mind that these cash-out methods come with corresponding minimum withdrawal requirements. If you have further questions, the support team of Skybook affiliate program is always available for you. The team will respond to you via email soon after your message is received. If you want a faster response, you can reach your affiliate manager via live chat or phone call.

Should You Join Skybook Affiliate Program?

Skybook Affiliates allows you to earn by promoting the huge gaming library of Skybook. The program also gives you promotional tools that can attract players around the globe. Also, you will receive all your income through your player account.

However, the program falls from the recommended list of affiliate programs because of its commission plan. You can find a program that can offer you a higher amount than the flat 20% revenue share of Skybook Affiliates. You can also find programs that can give you additional earning plans for more profit.

As a Bitcoin casino affiliate, you must be sure that what you are earning is enough for all your hard work. Since Skybook affiliate program does not stand out in terms of rev share offers, you still have the option to join other affiliate programs. You should not settle for a commission rate of as low as 20% when you can find a program that can give you way higher. You had better start reading more affiliate program reviews or even comparative affiliate program reviews to know the high-paying programs that you can join.

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