Sugar Casino Affiliate Program

Sugar Casino Affiliate Program: Great Program for Beginners

Popular for being the sweetest casino around, Sugar Casino is a betting site that is operated by Gammix Limited. It houses the newest and hottest games in the industry to give players a great game experience. That is not all as it gives Bitcoin casino affiliates a chance to earn monthly by offering a great affiliate program.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


25% to 45% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Banners, hot news, landing pages, reviews, and demo games
Affiliate Manager Contact


Email and contact form
Fast Payout


Get paid on the fifth day of each month


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Sugar Casino Affiliate Program is popular in the Bitcoin gambling affiliate industry for its fulfilling package. It promises affiliates a fruitful relationship in which promoters can maximize their earning potential by having the right tools, on-time payments, and real-time statistics.

Is Sugar Casino Affiliate Program the suitable program for you? Find out in this in-depth review.

Offers of Sugar Casino

Sugar Casino’s goal is to become one of the best-loved casinos in the industry. With this objective in mind, the betting site makes sure that it has a great selection of titles that suit the needs of each player. The site’s game library consists of slots and table games. It also offers a live casino for those who prefer to play against other players.

The wide variety of games available on Sugar Casino can help you invite players around the world except for those residing in the US, Greece, and the UK, among others. You can also promote the rewarding bonuses to catch the attention of your potential referrals.

Revenue Sharing Scheme for Life

The only earning plan offered by this program is revenue sharing scheme. The starting rate is 25% rev share rate. But once the net revenue that the casino generates from your referrals reaches €100, you will be offered a rev share rate up to 45%.

  • Net revenue of €100 to €5,000 – Get 30% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of €5,001 to €15,000 – Get 35% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of €15,001 to €30,000 – Get 40% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of €30,001 to €50,000 – Get 45% revenue share rate.

However, the program does not have additional earning plan to offer you. You cannot change your commission plan to CPA deal or hybrid model as Sugar Casino does not have these. Despite the limited options in terms of commission structures, you will find Sugar Casino’s revenue sharing scheme enough with its satisfactory rates.

On-Time Payments Every Month

The program claims that it pays on time. It will send your funds on the fifth day of each month. You do not have to worry about negative balances as these are not carried over to the next month.

Join Now

But the program does not state its payment methods. In this case, you should contact your affiliate manager by answering the contact form or by sending your concern through email. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

Various Tools for Your Campaign

You will receive free marketing tools from the program. There will be banners that come in various sizes that contain the casino’s bonuses. You can use the landing pages and game demos as well to attract potential referrals. The program will also give you hot news about newly added games or deals.

If you want to get unique reviews and industry-related content, you can request your affiliate manager for some. The program is more than willing to give you critical reviews that you can add to your affiliate website.

Sugar Casino makes sure that you have everything you need for your campaign from banners to in-depth reviews. This way, you can reach your desired rev share rate and maximize your earning potential.  And if you want to check the progress of your campaign, you can ask for real-time statistics from the program.

Should You Join Sugar Casino Affiliate Program?

One of the biggest strengths of Sugar Casino Affiliate Program is that it has a fully licensed casino that caters to a wide range of players. When you become a Sugar Casino promoter, you can invite slot players as well as table players. Even live casino players can be your target audience.

You can also expect to get 25% to 45% revenue share rate, depending on the net revenue that the casino received from your referrals. Plus, the program is generous enough to give you different campaign tools to refer more players monthly.

But you might be disappointed that the program does not offer other earning structures like a CPA deal or hybrid model. Sub-affiliation is not even available unlike other programs. Another thing that might bother you is asking your affiliate manager first to know the payment terms of the program.

Despite these flaws, Sugar Casino Affiliate Program is still a good program to join. It kept its promise of providing you with satisfactory rates, useful campaign tools, and on-time payments.

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