Wild Casino Affiliate Program

Wild Casino Affiliate Program: Known for Its Attractive Offers

Established in 1991, Wild Casino aims to provide players with a one-of-a-kind game experience. With this, the gaming site makes it a point that its game library and its promotions are all for players to maximize their gaming sessions.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


30% to 40% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Email templates, banner ads, and text links
Affiliate Manager Contact


Fast Payout


Get paid monthly with negative balance carryovers


Blackjack, Live Casino, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker

Players are not the only ones drawn to this betting site, but also Bitcoin casino affiliates. This is because the gaming portal has a great affiliate program under Commission.bz. By joining Wild Casino Affiliate Program, you can advertise Wild Casino, get high conversion rates, and work with a dedicated affiliate team. Discover the other benefits you can get from the program by reading this review.

The Extravagant Offers of Wild Casino

Casino players are your target audience when you promote Wild Casino. You can refer slot players, blackjack gamers, and video poker players, to name a few. Each type of player will find something they can play with the betting site’s huge game library.

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A handful of rewarding promotions are in store for them as well. Wild Casino is willing to reward players with a welcome bonus, reload bonus, and free spins. There is also a long list of payment methods available in this casino. Players can pay through crypto wallets, Mastercard, or Visa.

Get Paid via Revenue Share Scheme or CPA Deal

You have the option to choose your desired earning plan between CPA deal and revenue sharing scheme. Get to know more about these commission structures below.

Revenue Share Scheme

In this plan, you are paid based on the net revenue that the casino generates from your referrals. Net revenue is calculated from all the wagers that your referrals made minus chargebacks, winnings, deposit fees, and bonuses. Here are the rev share rates offered by Wild Casino:

  • Net revenue of up to US$10,000 – Get 25% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of US$10,001 to US$25,000 – Get 30% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of US$25,001 to US$40,000 – Get 35% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of US$40,001 to US$50,000 – Get 40% revenue share rate.
  • Net revenue of US$50,001 and more – Get 45% revenue share rate.

Take note that if your referrals are less than three within six months, your rate will be lowered to 10%.

CPA Deal

If you think that revenue share scheme is not for you, you can switch to CPA deal. This plan, paying you a fixed amount per referral, is case-to-case basis, so be sure that you contact your affiliate manager for more information. You need to first send a CPA application that contains along with records of the number of referrals you invited and their profitability.

Unfortunately, the program does not have a hybrid model or sub-affiliation. Despite the lack of these earning plans, the revenue share scheme and CPA deal are enough to add funds to your bankroll.

Receive Your Income in Bitcoin

You will get your funds within the first 15 days of the month in BTC. But before you can get your earnings, the program requires you to update your Bitcoin address before the first day of the month.

Negative balances are carried over to the next month. But this is a case-to-case basis, especially when you incurred a huge negative amount. If you are worried about negative balances, you can always check the daily reports regarding your campaign. This way, you can monitor your players’ activities and your current income.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools

You will decide on your preferred campaign strategy. But the program will give you free marketing tools such as email templates, banner ads, and text links. You can place these on your website or attach these in the emails that you will be sending to your potential referrals.

Should You Join Wild Casino Affiliate Program?

Wild Casino is known not only for its huge game library and various promotions, but also for its affiliate program. Backed up by Commission.bz, Wild Casino Affiliate Program provides satisfactory offers.

The program lets you pick your desired commission plan between revenue sharing scheme and CPA deal, both promising high conversion rates. Just be sure that you are qualified for the CPA deal if you prefer to have that plan. You will also appreciate it that there are a variety of marketing tools available for you. Plus, you can check how your marketing venture is going through the program’s reports.

The downside is that the only payment option is Bitcoin wallet. With this, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet first before you can receive your income. Negative balances are carried over to the following month as well.

Despite these disadvantages, Wild Casino is still a worthy program to join. It is one of those programs with a leading flagship casino brand, high rates, and cutting-edge marketing tools.

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