Ya Poker Affiliate Program

Ya Poker Affiliate Program: Not Worth Your Marketing Efforts?

Licensed under the laws of Costa Rica, Ya Poker is a betting site known for its ring games and poker tournaments. It offers sit & go tournaments, re-entry tournaments, and rebuy tournaments. The gaming site also provides players with a wide selection of promotions. These features make Ya Poker Casino one of the recommended sites to promote, especially when Bitcoin affiliates like you want to target poker players.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


8% to 35% rev share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Ceatives, text links, banners, business cards, offline flyers, landing pages, and raw API
Affiliate Manager Contact


Skype, phone, email
Fast Payout


Payments are processed on the first three weeks of the month with no negative balance carryover



For you to officially market Ya Poker, you need to join Ya Poker Affiliate Program. This program is under Winning Poker Network Affiliates, which also handles betting sites such as Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker. Additionally, the program provider takes pride in its exceptional rates, free payouts, and fully equipped campaign materials. Find out more about the perks of joining Ya Poker Affiliate Program in this review.

Offers of Ya Poker

Ya Poker Casino is the go-to betting site of a lot of poker players. Unlike other poker rooms, Ya Poker provides players with unique features such as Jackpot Poker, CAP tables, and Spint to Get IN. The gaming site also has a wide range of promotions that your referrals will like such as free rolls and deposit bonuses. You can even promote the casino’s Elite Benefits that can reward your referrals cash bonuses and exclusive entries to live events.

The gaming hub supports several payment methods like credit cards and Skrill. And if your referrals have questions regarding their game, Ya Poker’s email support is available around the clock. It is important to note, though, that Ya Poker Casino does not accept players from several countries including the US, France, and Spain. So be sure that your referrals do not come from these countries.

Gain Profit from Elite Benefits and Rakeback Program

Ya Poker Affiliate Program offers two main commission plan choices: CPA deal and revenue sharing. Both earning plans are divided into elite benefits and rakeback program. The elite benefits consist of the VIP members of Ya Poker Casino whereas the rakeback program includes all non-VIP players joining the tournaments.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing plan is split into two: elite benefits and rakeback program. The elite benefits can give you up to 35% revenue share, while the rakeback program can provide you with a max revenue share rate of 12%.

Your referrals must be qualified for the VIP program before you can get the 35% revenue share rate. In addition, you need to follow the net revenue requirements to receive your desired rev share percentage.

  • Net revenue of up to US$4,000 – Get 25% revenue share.
  • Net revenue of US$7,501 to US$50,000 – Get 30% revenue share.
  • Net revenue of US$50,001 and more – Get 35% revenue share.

The rakeback program, on the other hand, will be computed based on the profit of the betting site from your referrals who are not part of the elite benefits. But just like the elite benefits, you need to follow the required net gaming revenue to get a rev share.

  • Net revenue of up to US$10,000 – Get 8% revenue share.
  • Net revenue of US$10,001 to US$100,000 – Get 10% revenue share.
  • Net revenue of US$100,000 and more – Get 12% revenue share.

From here, it is evident that you can get a higher revenue share rate if you focus on the elite benefits members. If you go for the rakeback program, the highest rev share percentage that you can get is only 12%. Another problem is that the net gaming revenue is too high, even higher than what other affiliate programs offer.

CPA Deal

Unlike revenue sharing that lets you have the elite benefits and rakeback program, the CPA deal requires you to choose which between the two is more suitable for you. Afterward, your earning will depend on how many players you rack up. The more referrals you get, the higher the CPA you will get.


If you think that revenue sharing or CPA deal is not enough, you can add sub-affiliation to your chosen plan. Simply refer your fellow webmasters to the program, and once they promote the casino, you earn 2% of their monthly commission.

Join Now

Although Ya Poker Affiliate Program offers you two commission plans for different kinds of players, the program’s offers may not be enough.  Even if you opt for the revenue sharing of the elite benefits, you can still find another affiliate program with a higher offer.

Get Your Hard-Earned Income Monthly

All payments are processed within the first three weeks of the month. Before you can start earning, create a Ya Poker player account first. Afterward, choose one among the following cash-out options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Western Union
  • Bitcoin wallet

You have the option to receive your funds in USD or BTC. But if you want a faster and more secure way to get your income, then choose BTC.

Maximize the Use of the Marketing Tools and Reports

Ya Poker Affiliate Program gives you a wide range of tools to choose from. You will receive creatives, text links, banners, business cards as well as offline flyers, landing pages, and raw API. You can even ask for customized campaign materials. To do this, simply email your affiliate manager.

In addition, you will receive reports about your marketing campaign. These reports include detailed activity report, conversion report, player activities, hits, and media reports.

Should You Join Ya Poker Affiliate Program?

Referring players to Ya Poker should not be a problem especially with the betting sites’ tournaments and promotions. But you should not focus only on the brand but also on the affiliate program. Just like most affiliate programs, Ya Poker Affiliate Program gives you various campaign materials and detailed reports. Plus, the program provides you with several cash-out options including Bitcoin wallet.

But the program has some shortcomings. One of these is it does not provide the exact date of affiliate payment release. Another is that the commission plans offered are low-paying compared with what other programs offer. In this case, it is recommended that you check out other Bitcoin referral programs that present a more attractive commission structure. You can opt for programs that give more earning plans or those with special startup rates.

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