7Bit vs Loki Affiliates

For this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison, we pay particularly close attention to two big brands. We feature the 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison to bring you detailed facts and figures about the two casinos. We place these aspects head to head. If ever you’re torn between the two brands, you can use our comparison write-ups to weigh which brand will suit your style the best.

7Bit vs Loki affiliates

Those who are familiar with 7BitCasino know that it is a place where everyone can enjoy quality games. This includes jackpot games, live dealer games, slots, and other table games. Among its plethora of games and services, it also has a rewarding affiliate program open for everyone to try out.

Meanwhile, at the other end of this comparison is Loki Casino. Its jackpot games, slots, and other betting games are a huge hit in the online betting industry. Apart from that, it also displays a handsome partnership opportunity for those who want to add another stream of income to their bankrolls.

Revenue Share

Leading this 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison is the amount of revenue you can earn from the partnership. Of course, this quality always comes first for many.

7Bit affiliate program is no pushover. The Bitcoin affiliate program offers three models from which you can earn. The first one involves the standard revenue share scheme. This starts at 25%. You can up the rates by having more players register. In total, you can reach the maximum revenue share of 55%.

Other than the revenue share model, you can also get a sub-affiliation plan and the CPA deal. Sub-affiliation means that you can earn monthly commission from additional partners you get to invite. The latter requires you to get in touch with the manager.

For Loki partners, the program gives the basic rate of 40% of casino review. That is the initial deal you get. Have 20 to 50 players register and the rate increases by 5%. On top of everything, you can further increase this to 50% if you invite more than 50 players in a single calendar month.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

This 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison covers all the marketing tools and solutions you need for your campaigns.

For 7Bit partners, you get the basics. This includes a selection of marketing tools that you can use to promote the site. For an updated list of the tools you get, make sure you check the 7Bit affiliate website or get in touch with the support team.

Loki Casino affiliate program, on the other hand, provides a great set of marketing tools. There are banners that come in different formats. The program makes sure that you get the latest materials whenever you need it.

Commission Payout

One of the reasons why we have this 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison is for you to find out the different methods of payment, payment schedules, and other important commission points.

The 7Bit affiliate program requires partners to collect at least €40 in profits before the monthly payment schedule. Payments are made during the first three days of the month. You can withdraw your earnings via VISA, Neteller, Skrill, and of course, Bitcoin.

Partners love Loki because of its flexibility. The main currency for all users is set in Euro, but it also accepts Bitcoin. Get your earnings through VISA, Neteller, E-wallet processors, and more. For Bitcoin users, payments go through Cubits.

Ultimately, players can expect on-time payments from both 7Bit vs Loki affiliates.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

We also give you a lowdown of the contact and support options in this 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison. Thankfully, both show fine services at all times. If you wish to keep in touch with any of the managers, both platforms provide you with channels that can connect you and bring you the help you need.


If you have to choose only one between the two, make sure you also know the weaknesses of these Bitcoin casino affiliate programs. There are several areas where 7Bit can improve on, which involve its marketing tools and solutions. A broader list might help make it easier for partners to promote the site. It can also do better if there are more revenue models for partners to choose from.

For Loki’s program, the services are almost perfect. Apart from the country restrictions, you really can’t go wrong with it.

All in all, this 7Bit vs Loki affiliates comparison show qualities that everyone can work with. Some are even geared to exceed expectations. With the massive revenue deals and smooth payment processing, it is certain that you can’t go wrong with any of the two.

7Bit gives everyone the chance to earn with its simple and easy to use interface. You don’t have to be an expert to start yielding profits here. There’s always a chance for everyone to make the most out of its affiliate program.

Loki is the dream affiliate program for many. Everything about it is attractive. It offers the better revenue rates. It has great marketing solutions for all. It is the ideal program for both novice and expert affiliates.