Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates Comparison

The list of Bitcoin affiliate programs you can find online goes a long way down. If you wish to join one of those programs, expect that you will have a hard time filtering the options. However, you can make the job easier by reading Bitcoin referral program reviews or Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison articles. And do not forget to count this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates check in.


Running on Betting Partners platform, Café Casino affiliate program proves to be one formidable Bitcoin affiliate program. On the other hand, BetChan affiliate program operates on BroAffiliates platform, making you have access to more than one earning scheme.

Read this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates write-up further to know more about the two programs held side-by-side. Once done, you will surely know which casino you should tie up with.

Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates Commission Plans

If Café Casino and BetChan are among the sites you think of teaming up with, you had better check out the earning plans they offer. Besides, you do not want to enter a partnership only to find out it gives the lowest rev share. This part of this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates article lets you see how different the two are in terms of rev share.

Although both programs offer a tiered rev sharing plan, it is BetChan which gives you a higher rate starting at 35% and maxing out at 50%. Café Casino, on the other hand, goes down some notches with a rev share range of 25% to 45%.

And while BetChan gives two other earning options namely CPA and hybrid deals, Café Casino lays down the CPA deal as the only alternative for rev share. Now there is no doubt that BetChan gains the upper hand when it comes to giving you high potential payouts.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Also in this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates check is the comparison of the marketing tools provided to you by each program. Bear in mind that these tools are what you will use to improve the traffic on your site where you want players to go.

It is good to know that both programs do not carry over negative balances to the following months. It is also worth mentioning that Café Casino wins this time against BetChan in terms of the number of marketing tools you can use. Café Casino will equip you with banners, match-up tool, HMTL live odds widget, text links, screenshot library, and many more. Meanwhile, BetChan can provide you only with banners, text links, mailers, and bonus codes.

Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates Payment Terms

Another aspect this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates match-up considers is payment schedule and channel. You can expect either program to pay you fast and on time. Café Casino pays around the 15th of the month, whereas BetChan pays within the first to fifth days of the month.

Bitcoin is the only currency and payment method you can expect when you are a partner of Café Casino. BetChan, on the other hand, may pay you either in fiat or Bitcoin through channels like credit card, e-wallet, wire, and Cubits.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

When you become a gaming site’s partner, you will see the importance of keeping in touch with your affiliate manager. It is vital, then, for you to look into the program’s support team before signing up.

This Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates review tells you the fact that both programs let you access support via email. Both commit to providing you quality assistance. It is BetChan, though, that adds Skype as another channel through which you can reach your manager.

Verdict: Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates              

You can see in this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates write-up the best about teaming up with Café Casino. The site promises you fast payments alongside other Bitcoin advantages. It provides you with around-the-clock email support. Most importantly, it hands you a lot of marketing tools. The catch is, its rev share falls short of percentage considering BetChan’s 50% ceiling rate.

For fairness’ sake, this Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates match-up also points out the best about partnering with BetChan. Since a higher payout is what you want, BetChan offers you up to 50% rev share. It also allows you to cash out your earnings, either in fiat or Bitcoin, through various payment methods. More so, it enables you to reach your manager in no time via Skype or email. It would have been better, though, if BetChan could offer you more marketing tools.

Viewing Café Casino vs BetChan Affiliates as a close fight, we suggest that you decide based on your priorities. If you put the earning rate above all else, then it is Betchan you want. But if you want more tools in marketing the brand, then select Café Casino.