Manhattan Slots vs Yako Casino Affiliates

Will Your Affiliate Campaign be Better with Yako Casino or Manhattan Slots?

Reading affiliate program comparative reviews helps you narrow down your choices of programs to join. Each review pits two well-matched Bitcoin casino affiliate programs against each other to show you which program is the better option. In this comparative review, the two programs to come face to face are Manhattan Slots Affiliates and Yako Casino Affiliates.

Each of these programs propels a casino that carries a great selection of games. Partnering with either casino allows you to make money by promoting the brand’s video slots, live casino, table games, jackpot games, video poker, and specialty games.

You can easily convince players to register with Yako Casino because it offers over 800 games, while Manhattan Slots hosts only over 150 games. This does not make Manhattan Slots a less desirable choice since you can still promote the gaming portal’s bonuses and promotions. To find out which of these two programs will suit you, read through this Manhattan Slots vs Yako Casino Affiliates review.

Manhattan Slots vs Yako Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

If you join Yako Casino affiliate program, your commission plan is rev sharing scheme. As this is the only earning plan that you have, you need to refer 36 or more new depositing players to get the maximum rev share rate of 40%.

Meanwhile, when you choose to promote Manhattan Slots, you will be offered revenue sharing scheme as well, but you have the option to add sub-affiliation as your complementary earning plan.  The revenue share rate in this program ranges from of 30% to 40%. Even if Manhattan Slots affiliate program and Yako Casino Affiliates’ have the same ceiling rate, Manhattan Slots Affiliates’ base rate of 30% is higher than that of Yako Casino affiliate program which is 25%.

More so, Manhattan Slots Affiliates offers you an introductory rev share rate of 50% that applies to your whole two months under the program. This is a great boost to your marketing venture and a big chance for you to earn some big startup income. Definitely, Manhattan Slots Affiliates gets the point in this criterion.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

In terms of marketing tools, Manhattan Slots offers you banners, text links, and other customized tools to attract players. Yako Casino, on the other hand, provides you with banners, newsletters, news, reports, page peel banners, and text links.

Promoters of Yako Casino get more promotional tools than Manhattan Slots partners do. This shows that if you join Yako Casino Affiliates, you have more materials that can make potential players register with your partner casino. This could result to more new depositing players for you.

If you are wondering about your marketing performance, you may check the reports provided by the two programs. These reports will show records of your players’ activities, the number of your referrals, the amount of money you earned, and more.

Manhattan Slots vs Yako Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

The two programs offer different payment terms. Manhattan Slots gives your payout on the first day of each month while its rival sends your profit every 10th of the month. Despite the difference in the payment schedules, the two ensure that you are to receive your hard-earned income monthly through your chosen cash-out method.

Yako Casino affiliates get their profit via their player account or bank wire transfer. Manhattan Slots partners, on the other hand, withdraw their funds via their player account, wire transfer, check, ECOcard, Neteller, Skrill, or ACH.

Better than those, there are no rooms for negative balances as the two programs have the “no negative balance carryover” feature. Both programs, though, impose payment thresholds depending on your chosen payout method.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Like most Bitcoin referral programs, Manhattan Slots and Yako Casino Affiliates have support teams that will guide you throughout your marketing venture. These support teams are there 24/7 to provide you with all the necessary information regarding your inquiries.

If you still have questions not found on the FAQ page of either program, you may reach the support team of Manhattan Slots via email. Meanwhile, Yako Casino affiliate program has email and Skype support for all your needs. With the additional support channel of Yako Casino Affiliates, you are more at ease that you will receive a faster response unlike if you are under the rival program.

Verdict: Manhattan Slots vs Yako Casino Affiliates

Manhattan Slots and Yako Casino Affiliates are two great programs. You will not have trouble cashing out because the two programs give your payouts on time via reliable withdrawal methods. And you do not need to worry about negative balances because these are not carried over to the next month.

But Yako Casino affiliate program takes the title of being the better program in this review because of its bigger gaming library, various marketing tools, and two support channels. Bringing in players to Yako Casino should be easy for you with the brand’s over 800 games compared with the only over 150 games of Manhattan Slots. The huge gaming library of Yako Casino could mean that it has a bigger player population, increasing your chance of getting more referrals.

Meanwhile, in terms of commission plans, Yako Casino gives you an achievable required number of players to refer. By raking in 36 players or more, you can have the ceiling rate of 40%. This is way easier to reach than the US$50,000 or more net gaming revenue requirement of Manhattan Slots. Even if Manhattan Slots offer you a startup rate of 50%, the rate is limited to only two months.

Another reason Yako Casino is a better partner is that it gives you access to various promotional tools. Having plenty of marketing materials can help you improve your campaign strategy, leading to more referrals. Do not forget the added support channel of the program that can give you a faster response. While you may still join Manhattan Slots Affiliates or you may sign up for both programs, it is better that you promote Yako Casino to have a bigger chance of getting profit monthly.