Betin vs Campeonbet Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Betin or Campeonbet?

Betin and Campeonbet have one thing in common — they both have a huge game library, making both gaming hubs draw the attention of both bettors and Bitcoin gambling affiliates. But even if the two brands are similar in terms of products, they are different when it comes to their affiliate program offers.

Betin partners cannot target players who are residing in areas that do not allow online gambling. Meanwhile, Campeonbet promoters are not allowed to refer players from Greece and the US. This shows that Campeonbet has a wider market reach despite its restrictions. Through this Betin vs Campeonbet Affiliates write-up, you will know which program is better in terms of commission plans, payments, and marketing tools. Read on to know more.

Betin vs Campeonbet Affiliates Commission Plans

When you sign up for Campeonbet Affiliate Program, you will be under revenue sharing plan. Your income will be based on the net gaming revenue gained by the betting site from your referrals. The program provides a generous 25% to 40% rev share rate.

Betin Affiliate Program, on the other hand, offers both revenue sharing and sub-affiliation. While it is great that the program has an additional commission plan, you might be disappointed to know that you can get only 20% revenue share all throughout your campaign.

Although having a fixed rate can give you less worry about net revenue requirements, you are stuck with that rate throughout your venture as an affiliate of Betin. But with Campeonbet Affiliate Program, you have a chance to get up to 45% rev share. In case you get the lowest rate of 25% with Campeonbet, your revenue share rate is still higher compared with the 20% rev share of Betin Affiliate Program. In this case, Campeonbet Affiliate Program’s commission plan gets the point in this category.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

As a casino partner, you will receive free marketing tools from your chosen Bitcoin referral program. The same goes when you partner with Betin or Campeonbet. Betin promoters will receive images, texts, and widgets. Meanwhile, Campeonbet affiliates will get button links, poker tools, and banners.

Despite the difference in campaign tools, both programs make it a point that you are equipped with various tools for your campaign. In addition, the two programs provide statistical reports on your marketing performance.

Betin vs Campeonbet Affiliates Payment Terms

Betin and Campeonbet Affiliate Programs promise that you your earnings will be released on time via your preferred payment method. If you join Campeonbet, you can get your funds through bank transfer, Neteller, or Skrill, among other options. You also do not need to worry about negative balances because these are not carried over to the following month. But, you need to follow the program’s payment threshold of €100 in order for you to cash out your money.

Meanwhile, Betin partners can choose from any of the following payment options: Skrill, electronic transfer, and Neteller. However, it is important to note that the program carries over negative balances to the next month. In addition, the program has a payment threshold of US$500 for partners residing outside Kenya.

Although both programs offer on-time payments and various cash-out options, Campeonbet gets the score in this category because it has a “no negative balance carryover” feature. Plus, the payment threshold of Campeonbet is lower than that of Betin Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

A good affiliate program will not be complete without a reliable support team. Fortunately, Betin and Campeonbet Affiliate Programs offer an email support. It might be disappointing that there is only one support channel available, but do not worry, the two programs promise that you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Verdict: Betin vs Campeonbet Affiliates

The huge game libraries of Betin and Campeonbet will catch the attention of your market. You can easily target casino players, live casino gamers, and sportsbook enthusiasts. But make sure that you are not referring players that are included in the restricted countries of either betting site. This means that if you are a Betin partner, you cannot cater to players residing in areas in where online gambling is prohibited, while Campeonbet promoters cannot refer players from the US and Greece.

Another similarity between the two programs is the marketing tools and support channels. Both programs offer various campaign materials for you to easily grab the attention of your referrals. And if you have questions regarding both programs, you can email your respective affiliate manager anytime of the day.

However, the tie breaks when it comes to the commission plans and payment terms. Betin offers revenue sharing and sub-affiliation. The catch is, you will have a fixed rate of 20% all throughout your campaign. In the case of Campeonbet Affiliate Program, you will be under revenue sharing. But, you can have a revenue share rate of up to 45%. In addition, Betin Affiliate Program carries negative balances to the next month while Campeonbet does not.

So which is the better program? In this review, it is evident that the winner is Campeonbet Affiliate Program.