Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates

The advent of more Bitcoin affiliate programs has made it even harder for Bitcoin referral program enthusiasts to decide which program to join. Be thankful there are now Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison articles you can read on the web. They help you narrow down your options. Now to help you better, we bring you this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates write-up.


Raging Bull affiliate program takes on the Fast Track Affiliates platform. Such platform is what two other casinos use in partnering with web marketers. Meanwhile, Joo Casino affiliate program runs on SoftSwiss Affiliates platform, a better-known linker of casinos and their potential partners.

Continue reading this comparative review on Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates. Doing so might just help you decide which finally is going to be your best bet.

Revenue Share

One of your considerations in choosing a Bitcoin affiliate program should be profitability. You do not want to choose the lowest-paying program. You want big profits, so you partner with one that gives high profit share. Now see for yourself in this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates article which of the two pays higher.

If you are a conservative marketing partner, you may want the flat 35% rev share offered by Raging Bull. Whether you refer just one or even 100 players to the casino, your rate will always be 35%. This may not be as big as the ceiling rates of other programs, but it is big enough to kick-start your marketing venture.

But if you want a tiered earning plan, check out Joo Casino’s rev sharing scheme. It lets you start with a base share of 30%. More so, it gives you a chance to reach the top tier where the 45% earning rate awaits.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Further in this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates check, you see both programs’ offers in terms of marketing tools and solutions. Consider these as your weapons in making your marketing more effective.

While both programs boast the “no negative carryover” feature, it is Joo Casino which has a more advanced set of marketing tools. It provides you with banners, text links, bonus codes, and tracking tools, among others. On the other hand, Raging Bull is not so far behind as it allows you to use its online banners and HTML and text mailers.

Commission Payout

One more important Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates point is that both programs pay on-time. It is also worth-knowing that neither has records of slow payout transactions. Rest assured that you will not wait so long when you want to cash out.

Raging Bull pays on the 15th of each month via e-wallet or wire, among others. Meanwhile, Joo Casino pays at the beginning of every month through e-wallet, Bitcoin, or bank transfer.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

As a gaming site’s partner, you ought to keep a close contact with your affiliate manager. That is why one of your prime concerns in teaming up with a casino should be the reliability of its support team.

As far as Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates is concerned, both programs promise you reliable support. However, it seems that it is Raging Bull that has better customer support. The site uses not only email but also phone as its support channels. The program’s  hotline gives you the option to call your manager for a fast response. On the other hand, Joo Casino uses only email to communicate with its partners.


Apparently in this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates article, the best things about partnering with Raging Bull include flat rev share of 35%. This is good for you, especially if you do not work full-time in raking in players. You may also like the program’s fast fiat payments through various channels, and friendly support team reachable via email and phone.

To be fair in this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates match-up, Joo Casino’s partnership program appears to have a better offer when it comes to rev share as it gives up to 45% share. In addition, the program delivers more tools in marketing the brand and its games inclusive of live casino games not found in Raging Bull’s list. Also, this program pays in both Bitcoin and fiat. Whether you deal in crypto currency or in fiat, Joo Casino has got your back. The catch is email is the only support channel used by this program.

In conclusion, as per this Raging Bull vs Joo Casino Affiliates check, it is still up to you which aspects you will prioritize in choosing a program. If you want a high ceiling rev share with Bitcoin option, go for Joo Casino’s. If you want a constant earning rate plus a better support team, settle for Raging Bull’s program.