Breakout Gaming vs 10bet Affiliates

What Can You Get From Being a Breakout Gaming Partner or 10bet Affiliate?

Bitcoin casino affiliates will no longer have troubles promoting gaming portals because betting sites now have various games to offer ranging from classic casino games to live betting, poker, and sportsbook. The only problem left now is choosing which affiliate program to join.


Lucky for you, you came across this article which reveals that in terms of offering good quality games, 10bet and Breakout Gaming are among the top contenders. Both gambling sites offer sportsbook, live betting, and casino. But despite offering these entertainment titles to gamers, Breakout Gaming gives you a chance to promote more games, like lottery, backgammon, belote, and poker. 10bet will not easily accept defeat because apart from its games, it offers more bonuses that can help you invite more players.

Comparative affiliate program reviews like this Breakout Gaming vs 10bet Affiliates write-up will help you find out which program will take home the crown as the better program. Read on to know which program deserves your membership better.

Breakout Gaming vs 10Bet Affiliates Commission Plans

Both Breakout Gaming and 10bet Affiliates offer you two earning plans. 10bet affiliate program will let you choose either the revenue sharing scheme or the CPA deal. Breakout Gaming Affiliates, on the other hand, offers revenue sharing and sub-affiliation. But which program offers you more chances of earning profit?

Affiliates of 10bet earn 10% rev share when they rake in one to five new depositors per month. The more player signups your affiliate links cause, the higher your rev share rate becomes. In fact, if you bring in 41 or more gamers to register with the gaming portal, you get the highest rate of 35%. Meanwhile, to have the CPA package, you need to consult with your affiliate manager first.

Breakout Gaming affiliate program, on the other hand, has a different revenue share rate for casino and sportsbook. You get 25% rev share as your starting rate if your referred players bet in the casino and poker. Keep on inviting more players for you to reach the ceiling rate of 35%. For the sportsbook, you get 20% to 30% revenue share. You can also invite affiliates to promote the gaming site for an additional commission of up to 5% of your referred affiliates’ profits.

Marketers of both programs have another option to earn more income with their two commission plans. The two programs also have the same ceiling commission rate of 35%. But Breakout Gaming affiliate program earns the score in this category because of its higher base rate of 20%. The 10% advantage of Breakout Gaming Affiliates can guarantee you more chances of earning bigger profit.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Regarding promotional tools, 10bet partners receive text links and creative banners geared toward making the marketing campaign easier. Meanwhile, marketers of Breakout Gaming have co-branded landing pages, HTML mailers, banners, text links, screenshots, and product videos as their marketing tools.

Breakout Gaming partners get more materials compared with the webmasters of the rival program. This shows how willing Breakout Gaming Affiliates is in terms of helping out its members.

Breakout Gaming vs 10bet Affiliates Payment Terms

Webmasters of both programs are fortunate that Breakout Gaming and 10bet affiliate programs give on-time monthly payments. Breakout Gaming and 10bet Affiliates give you a selection of reliable payment methods to make sure that your income is directly sent to your account.

Bear in mind that 10bet affiliate program has a payment threshold of €100. This means that you cannot withdraw any amount below $100. Breakout Gaming Affiliates, on the other hand, does not have a minimum withdrawal requirement unless you choose bank wire as your payment method.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Breakout Gaming Affiliates and 10bet Affiliates might have earned the points for having fast payouts but the competition is not over yet because the competitors have different support channels to offer you. If you are a 10bet partner, you can contact your affiliate manager through email.

Meanwhile, Breakout Gaming marketers who wish to ask questions about the program can turn to the email or Skype support of the program. The added support channel can help you receive a faster response from the support team.

Verdict: Breakout Gaming vs 10bet Affiliates

Despite being among the leading gaming portals, Breakout Gaming and 10bet Affiliates also provide you with fast payment terms. You receive your income every month through reliable payment channels.

But even if both programs offer great packages, Breakout Gaming affiliate program proved itself better. The program offers a base commission rate of 25% which is better compared with the 10% lowest rev share rate offer of 10bet Affiliates.  In terms of marketing tools, Breakout Gaming defeats its rival once again because of its various materials. More so, the two support channels that Breakout Gaming partners can use are better than the email support that 10bet affiliates have. Do not forget the bigger gaming library of Breakout Gaming that can help you invite more players for higher profit.

10bet affiliate program is a program that should be one of your choices if you are looking for an affiliate program to join. But Breakout Gaming Affiliates deserves more to be the program that you should join because of its generous offers.