Royal Bit vs Lucky Creek Affiliates

Which Program Has a Better Offer, Royal Bit or Lucky Creek?

In this Royal Bit vs Lucky Creek Affiliates write-up, you will know which program is better when it comes to commission plans, marketing tools, payment terms, and support. Royal Bit offers card games, roulette, slots, and poker in its gaming library. Lucky Creek provides also those games plus blackjack, keno, and video poker.

Lucky Creek has not only a bigger game library but also a bigger player population. However, this does not make Lucky Creek already the winner of this matchup. Continue reading this comparative review to know which program has a better offer.

Royal Bit vs Lucky Creek Affiliates Commission Plans

The first category in this matchup is the commission plans. As a Bitcoin casino affiliate, you must choose an affiliate program that offers a high-paying earning structure with attainable requirements. If you select Royal Bit Affiliate Program, you will automatically be under the revenue sharing scheme. This plan can give you 25% to 40% share, depending on the net gaming revenue that the casino receives from your referrals.

Similarly, Lucky Creek Affiliate Program has revenue sharing that offers 25% to 40%. Originally, the highest rate that you can get from this program is only 35% by referring 100 or more depositing players. But depending on your performance, the program can give you up to 40%.

Under Lucky Creek, you have the option to have a CPA deal or hybrid package if you do not think revenue sharing is profitable enough. By having alternative plans, you can choose the plan that best suits your campaign. Although both programs offer the same revenue share rate of 25% to 40%, Lucky Creek Affiliate Program earns a point in this category.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Rest assured that you will receive marketing tools from Royal Bit Affiliate Program and Lucky Creek Affiliate Program. These materials will help you reach your target referrals. Royal Bit partners will get banners, newsletters, and news updates, whereas Lucky Creek webmasters will receive banners, mailers, landing pages, bonus codes, tracking links, and tournaments.

You will notice that Lucky Creek offers more campaign materials than its rival does. This means that you have more materials to convince your players to register.

Royal Bit vs Lucky Creek Affiliates Payment Terms

Royal Bit Affiliate Program and Lucky Creek Affiliate Program both get the point in this category as the two programs send commissions on time. Royal Bit sends your profit on the 5th of each month through your player account. The minimum withdrawal is 0.1 BTC.

Lucky Creek makes sure that you get your money on the 7th day of the month. You may choose from any of the following cash-out methods: courier checks, e-wallets, and wire payments. Just like Royal Bit Affiliate Program, Lucky Creek imposes a minimum withdrawal amount. In order for you to cash out, you need at least US$100 in your affiliate account.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

For inquiries, you can reach the support team of Royal Bit through email. If you want faster response, you can contact your affiliate manager via live chat. Meanwhile, you can contact Lucky Creek support staff in three ways: email, live chat, and phone call.

Although you can easily contact the support team of Royal Bit with its two support channels, you have more ways of reaching your affiliate manager in Lucky Creek Affiliate Program. The several support channels give Lucky Creek another point.

Verdict: Royal Bit vs Lucky Creek Affiliates

Royal Bit and Lucky Creek Affiliate Programs both make sure that you receive your commission on time. You do not have to worry about delayed payments because the two programs strictly follow their payment schedules. However, the two programs have different offers when it comes to commission plans, marketing tools, and products.

Although Royal Bit has email and live chat support, Lucky Creek gives you more options to contact your affiliate manager. You can email, chat, or call your affiliate manager. Lucky Creek gets a point in this category as well because it provides you with a variety of marketing tools. By having various tools, you have a bigger chance of referring players.

In terms of commission plans, Royal Bit and Lucky Creek both offer 25% to 40% revenue share. However, Lucky Creek advances once again because of its alternative earning plans. Instead of having revenue sharing scheme throughout your marketing venture, you have the option to switch your earning plan to CPA or hybrid deal. Also, referring players to Lucky Creek should be easier because of its huge game library.

It is evident that Lucky Creek Affiliates is the winner in this match-up. With more materials provided and by offering you alternative commission plans, Lucky Creek is the Bitcoin referral program you should sign up for.