Intertops vs Affiliates

Our Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison pages promise nothing but real info. This gives you clear details from start to finish. Find out which of the two works better with your style. Stay tuned as we place Intertops vs affiliates under the spotlight for this match-up.

Intertops vs affiliates

Intertops offers a program that seeks to bring the best. It is home to a library of betting games and an online sportsbook. Apart from the fun and rewards you can get out of the games when you win, you can also boost your bankrolls by making use of the Bitcoin casino affiliate program.

On the other end is The site is known for its classic table games and slots. Other than the entertainment, you can also join its affiliate program. This way, you can add another source of income going your way. This is a surefire way and enjoyable way for everyone to start earning.

Revenue Share

Revenue share is always a hot topic for all partners. This determines how much you can earn in a month or in a week. This is why this Intertops vs affiliates write-up covers the revenue share first.

Intertops affiliate program starts new partners off with a 20% rate. You get this for the first $20,000 worth of profits you get from your players. Add $10,000 to this and boost the rate by 5%. Add another $10,000 to your total profits and your share goes up to 30%. You can get the rates up to 35% once you start to bring in more amounts of earnings. This applies to all partners who are part of Intertops.

For partners, there’s only one way to profit from the program. Invite players and push your rate all the way to 25%. Remember that before you can reach this, you have to begin with an initial 5% rate. affiliate program lets you start earning profits in small ways.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Intertops vs affiliates takes the fight all the way to the solutions. These are tools that you will need to spice up your sites and improve convenience.

Intertops offers banners, links, and a dashboard. You can use these to attract more players. Meanwhile, users will make do with just the referral link method and a mailing list. If you want more promo materials, you’ll be better off with Intertops.

Commission Payout

This Intertops vs affiliates comparison covers the important payout details as well. Intertops has a friendly minimum of $10 required before you can get your payouts. You can claim your earnings at the end of each month using different payment methods. partners, on the other hand, get paid every day. While payments are limited to Bitcoin, you get to cash out your profits more frequently. There are no limits set with this Bitcoin referral program.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

This Intertops vs affiliates comparison is not complete without tackling the support features. Both have dedicated managers for all partners. If you wish to discuss or make any changes, you can get in touch with the representatives.


While both have top-rank features, each has its own weaknesses. One of the weak points of is its lack of marketing tools available. Partners can also do with more revenue deals. Despite these, it is reliable, trustworthy, and it can deliver profits.

On another note, Intertops can add a Bitcoin payment option. Even if the payment selection is greater than the other, it’s always a good thing to have this option readily available.

All in all, the Intertops vs affiliates display a tough match. Both brands show promising qualities and they can help you reach your goals. Always keep in mind the functions and features you’re looking for and choose a brand that fits your needs best.