Buran Casino vs Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates

Will You Earn More as a Buran Casino Partner or as a Grand Fortune Affiliate?

The first thing that you should consider before joining a Bitcoin referral program is the gaming library. You should promote a casino with high-quality games for a chance of raking in more players. Fortunately, Buran Casino and Grand Fortune Casino are some of the betting sites that offer a great selection of games that will easily catch the attention of your potential players.

Between the two programs, however, it is Buran Casino that offers more games. But this does not mean Grand Fortune is a not worth promoting as there are still other factors to consider before deciding which program is better. Learn more about the commission plans, marketing tools, and payment terms of the two programs in this Buran Casino vs Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates review.

Buran Casino vs Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

You might think that the number of players that you can refer to Grand Fortune will be limited because of its small game library, but you are mistaken. The betting site accepts global players including those in the US, giving you a wider market reach.

What can further convince you to pick this program is that it offers several commission structures: revenue sharing, CPA deal, and hybrid deal. You can even add sub-affiliation to your chosen commission structure.  There is even no need for you to worry about meeting any referral count requirement or any net gaming revenue requirement as the program offers a flat 35% revenue share.

Meanwhile, if you choose Buran Casino affiliate program, you will automatically be under the revenue sharing scheme. The program is generous enough to offer you 45% to 60% revenue share. The only disadvantage that this program has is that it does not offer any alternative earning plans as well as complementary plan for you.

The 25% difference between the rev share rates of both programs is huge enough for you to easily know which program is better in terms of commission plans. The fixed 35% of Grand Fortune is a great deal considering that no matter how many players you refer, you still get 35%. But the offer of Buran Casino is far greater. Instead of just having 35%, you can gain up to 60% share of the casino’s profit gained from your referrals. This offer is high enough that you will no longer need an alternative or additional commission plan.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Even if there are a lot of differences between the two programs, both are willing to help your campaign by providing you with marketing tools. Buran Casino partners get JPEG, GIF, Flash banners, landing pages, and demo games. Grand Fortune webmasters, on the other hand, are equipped with banners, HTML, text mailers, promotional materials as well as online and offline marketing tools.

The various campaign tools of both Buran Casino and Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates will help you convince players to click through your referral link and sign up. The more players you refer, the bigger income you may get. Since both programs give you many tools to use for your campaign, your only concern will now be your marketing strategy.

Buran Casino vs Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

Buran Casino Affiliates and Grand Fortune Casino affiliate program pay their affiliates on time.  Grand Fortune partners get their income on the 15th of each month, while Buran Casino affiliates receive their profit every fifth of each month.

Despite the difference in payment schedules, the two programs make it a point that you get your commission via your chosen fund transfer method. And with the “no negative carryover” feature of both programs, you start each month with a positive balance.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Both programs offer two support channels that can help you with your marketing venture. If you are a Buran Casino partner, you can reach your affiliate manager through Skype or email. But if you prefer to promote Grand Fortune Casino, you can send your affiliate manager an email or contact the support team via phone call.

The existence of the two support channels is enough proof that you can easily air your concerns to your affiliate manager. Do not hesitate to ask questions because the support teams will be more than willing to help you. After all, your success is also the success of your chosen affiliate program.

Verdict: Buran Casino vs Grand Fortune Casino Affiliates

The competition grew intense as the two programs stood nip and tuck in terms of support, payment terms, and marketing solutions. Both Buran Casino and Grand Fortune Casino affiliate programs will provide you with two support channels, promise you no payout delays, and give you helpful campaign materials.

However, the tie did not last long. Buran Casino Affiliates took steps ahead with its high-paying commission plans. Grand Fortune Casino’s flat 35% is no match for the up to 60% rev share of Buran Casino.  Even if Grand Fortune Casino caters to global players, Buran Casino is still a standout as its profit structure for affiliates promises more profitability. There is no doubt that the rivals in this review are two great programs, but Buran Casino Affiliates brings home the title of being the more recommended choice for affiliates.