Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates

If you are to pit Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates, you will have to give scores based on the profits, tools, and support, among others, that they offer to their partners. Otherwise, you will have a hard time determining which program is a better choice. Also, do not forget to take into consideration the games they market to players.

Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates

First to be emphasized, then, in this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison is the fact that Golden Star affiliate program promotes more games than its rival, Wizbet affiliate program. While the former delivers over 600 games from top developers, the latter has only 160 titles to boast. Wizbet, however, gives you easier access to its games as it has a casino app that you can download on your mobile device. But since this is more than just a battle of game libraries, read on. Find out which program will beat its competitor in this Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates roundup.

Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates Commission Plans

Team up with Wizbet Casino and you get to earn via rev sharing or either of the two alternative earning options: CPA and hybrid deals. If rev sharing is your earning plan, you will get 25% to 40% share of the net gaming revenue gained by the casino from your invites. This range is much lower than that offered by Golden Star which is 40% to 50%. Plus, this rate depends on the number of players you referred to the casino. In addition, you get to earn alternatively via CPA or hybrid deals.

In this part, then, of this Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates matchup, Golden Star goes some notches higher. But as a Bitcoin affiliate, you ought to discover further about the two programs.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Another important Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates consideration you must have is the programs’ set of promotional tools. After all, how will you market a gaming site without campaign materials to begin with? Help us let you know, then, which program addresses your need for the specific tools you want in marketing.

Wizbet will provide you with banners, text links, reviews, wallpapers, and videos. Golden Star, on the other hand, has for you HTML5, GIF, and JPEG banners plus other exclusive promo materials. You can rest assured that either set will help your Bitcoin affiliate marketing venture be on track.

Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates Payment Terms

You do not want to enroll in a program that delays payment. That is why highlighted also in this Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates write-up are the payment terms of the competing parties. To be fair, both programs pay monthly on time. Also, they both let you choose among reliable payment channels. Now you are sure to do banking with security. Best of all, they do not carry over the negative balances of partners to the next month.

As you might think both programs are in a deadlock in this section, you are wrong. Golden Star takes the lead by a wider margin as it offers you a choice to receive Bitcoin payments. This means you get to experience faster and safer banking while you are expanding your Bitcoin affiliate network.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Before this Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates article concludes, bear in mind that affiliate support is necessary in your venture. If you cannot connect with your program manager fast, that is going to be an issue. You might end up in situations in which your concerns do not get immediate response from the support team answerable to you.

Head on, the programs in focus offer email support. It is, however, Wizbet which offers an additional support channel which is Skype. Since this channel promises you faster response, it is fair to give Wizbet some score.

Verdict: Wizbet vs Golden Star Affiliates

You must have already figured out which program wins the matchup. As you may know, Wizbet gives a lower rev share range. Also, it pays in fiat only. Most of all, it has only 160 games. The only advantage of this program over its rival is the availability of its Skype support and wide range of marketing tools.

Golden Star, on the other hand, is steps ahead in the competition. It provides a higher rev share and gives you a choice to deal in Bitcoin. More than that, it lets you market to players a wide gaming library with over 600 titles. Now there should be no wonder why Golden Star affiliate program gets the trophy in this battle.