7 Liberty Slots vs High Noon Casino Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: 7 Liberty Slots vs High Noon Casino?

Some betting sites can give you a match bonus, while some can give you a monthly income. If you are aiming for the latter, then you must become a Bitcoin casino affiliate.

There are a lot of affiliate programs to join. They are so many to the point that choosing the best will be difficult. This is why some webmasters turn to comparative reviews like this to know the suitable program for them.

In this write-up, the two programs that come head to head are High Noon Casino Affiliate Program and 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program. Both are backed up by notable program providers: Affiliate Edge and Slots Vendor, respectively. Another similarity between the two is that both cater to players of slots, table games, and video poker.

Despite these similarities, the two programs differ in commission plans, number of marketing tools, and payment methods. Know the better program for you in this comparative review.

Commission Plans

Whether you become an affiliate of High Noon Casino or 7 Liberty Slots, your commission plan is the revenue sharing scheme. You have the option to add sub-affiliation if you want to get extra funds per month.

7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program offers you a revenue share rate of 20% up to 40% every month, depending on the net revenue that the casino generates from your referrals. To get the maximum rate, the casino’s profit from your referred players must be more than US$50,001.

Meanwhile, High Noon Casino Affiliate Program can give you 30% up to 40% revenue share monthly. Just like 7 Liberty Slots, your income is based on the profit of the casino from your referrals. The difference is that this program is willing to give you a fixed rate of 50% in your first two months as an affiliate.

Although the two programs offer the same commission plan, High Noon Casino gets the point in this category for having a higher starting rate and a special rate for two months. High Noon Casino is also generous enough to give you a special startup rate that can boost your campaign.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Whichever program you choose to join, you will be equipped with marketing tools. Expect to get banners and logos when you join 7 Liberty Slots while you can get banners, links, and other creatives from High Noon Casino. The added advertising tools from High Noon Casino earn the program another point. Definitely, having more materials can help you grab the attention of your referrals faster.

On a brighter note, both programs will provide you with accurate reports that will give you the statistics of your campaign. You can also check your current income here.

Payment Terms

Speaking of income, 7 Liberty Slots and High Noon Casino pay affiliates every month. If you decide to join 7 Liberty Slots, you will get your commission at the end of each month via Neteller, wire transfer, Skrill, or check.

High Noon Casino can pay you every month as well specifically on the first day of each month. You can get your funds through your player account, ACH, Skrill, Neteller, Ecocard, check, or wire transfer. But you might be disappointed that negative balances are carried over to the next month.

Even if the two programs do pay monthly with various supported payment methods, 7 Liberty Slots gets the point in this category as it has a “no negative balance carryover” feature.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

High Noon Casino and 7 Liberty Slots make sure to guide you throughout your campaign by providing you with a support channel. This way, you can easily reach the program if you encounter any problems. You can ask your affiliate manager about the progress of your campaign or some techniques that you can do to improve your marketing strategy. All you have to do is answer the contact forms provided by the two programs and expect a response within 24 hours.


High Noon Casino and 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Programs are similar in many ways. They cater to slots, video poker, and table games players. Another similarity is that both are under umbrella programs with the same commission plans. You can reach the two programs through their contact forms as well.

Despite these similar features, the two have differences that will tell you which program is better. High Noon Casino offers a higher starting rate of 30% plus a fixed rate of 50% in your first two months as an affiliate. It also has more marketing tools compared with its rival. The catch is that the program carries negative balances to the next month.

7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program eliminates that problem on negative balances every start of the month with its “no negative balance carryover” feature. But then again, this program has a lower starting rate and lesser marketing tools to offer you.

The competition between the two programs is close, but it is evident that High Noon Casino is the better program. Regardless of its negative balance carryover, High Noon shines in terms of commission plans and marketing tools. All you need to do now is to make sure that you have a positive balance by referring as many players as you can each month.