Intertops vs Campeonbet Affiliates

Should You Sign Up as a Campeonbet Partner or as an Intertops Affiliate?

Bitcoin affiliate programs give you a chance to invite players to register with your favorite betting site. You are not only helping out your chosen casino, but you are also earning profit. As you are in the process of choosing your partner casino, eye those which are on the list of popular betting sites today. You will see that among them are Intertops and Campeonbet.

intertops vs campeonbet

You have a chance to earn from these gaming portals by joining Intertops and Campeonbet Affiliates. Interestingly, it is easy to market the gambling sites because the brands offer a casino, sportsbook, and poker. But Campeonbet gives you more games to promote as it also has bingo, backgammon, live casino games, and scratch games. Continue reading this Intertops vs Campeonbet Affiliates review to know which casino and sports betting site is more worth-promoting.

Intertops vs Campeonbet Affiliates Commission Plans

The two programs in this review offer the revenue sharing scheme. Intertops affiliate program pays you depending on the profit that the casino gets from your referred players. This means that the higher the casino profits, the bigger the commission you receive. Your starting rate is 20% if Intertops gets a profit of US$1 to US$20,000 from your referred players.  If your referred gamers give the casino a profit of US$40,001 or more, you get the maximum rate of 35%. To earn more income, you should consider inviting other affiliates to promote Intertops. Doing this will reward you with 5% of your referred affiliates’ commissions monthly.

Similarly, Campeonbet affiliate program gives you commission based on the net gaming revenue the gaming site gets from your referred gamers. But instead of offering up to 35% rev share like Intertops Affiliates does, Campeonbet gives you as much as 40% rev share. At the same time, the base rate of 25% given by this program is also higher than that offered by the rival.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

In terms of promotional tools, the two programs are tied. You will receive banners as well as text links when you enroll in either program. These will help you improve your marketing venture and increase your chances of getting the highest commission rate.

More so, the two programs are willing to give you detailed reports on your referred players’ activities. This way, you can monitor your marketing performance as well as your earnings in real time.

Intertops vs Campeonbet Affiliates Payment Terms

If Campeonbet and Intertops Affiliates earn the same points in terms of marketing tools and solutions, they also provide you with the same payment terms.

Both programs make sure that you receive your commissions every month. You can expect that your profit will arrive on time because both Intertops and Campeonbet affiliate programs support reliable payment channels. Plus, the two programs have the “no negative carryover” feature. This eliminates negative balances at the start of each month.

Affiliate Manger Contact and Support

Other than the promotional tools that you receive from the affiliate programs, you also have an affiliate manager who will guide you. Campeonbet affiliate program makes sure that all your needs are well taken care of because of its reliable email support. You can turn to this support channel if you have questions regarding your commission plan, referred players, and more.

Meanwhile, Intertops Affiliates also provide you with email support, but you can also turn to its Skype support team. The added support channel gives you an option to get a faster response. This gives Intertops Affiliates a plus. After all, it is always better to have various support channels that you can count on rather than have only one.

Verdict: Intertops vs Campeonbet Affiliates

The competition was intense as there are many similarities between the two programs. Both programs offer banners and text links as effective promotional tools for you to invite more players to either gaming portal. Also, on-time monthly payouts with no negative balance carryovers are expected from the two affiliate programs. These show that other than being the favorites of gamers and affiliates, Intertops and Campeonbet offer you great packages.

Despite the similarities between the two programs, Campeonbet Affiliates defeated Intertops affiliate program in this comparative affiliate program review.  Campeonbet earns the most points because of its 25% to 40% revenue share compared with Intertops’ 15% to 35%. Even if the latter program has an additional earning plan, the former program can give you a bigger chance of earning more.

More so, the winning program gives you more games to promote. This gives you another reason to invite players to register with Campeonbet. Do not forget also to offer players the exciting bonuses that the gaming site gives and you are in to rake in more referrals.

There is no limit as to how many programs you can join or how many casinos you can promote. If you think that both Intertops and Campeonbet Affiliates are worthy to join, you may sign up for both. But if you are aiming for the affiliate program with a higher commission rate and more games, you should join Campeonbet affiliate program.