Lincoln Casino vs Uptown Aces Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Lincoln Casino or Uptown Aces?

In choosing the best program for you, you should do careful research. You must be sure that the program offers high rates, several tools, and on-time payments. You should also check the support channels offered and, of course, the betting site that you are about to promote.

In this case, you can go to the affiliate website, read affiliate program reviews, or even try checking out comparative reviews just like this Lincoln Casino vs Uptown Aces affiliates match-up. The two programs in comparison are well-known in the Bitcoin casino affiliate industry for their good rates and wide market reach as both cater to different types of casino players.

However, the two programs have country restrictions which can limit your market reach. Lincoln Casino does not accept players from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Uptown Aces does not specify its restricted countries, but the casino stated that it will not accept players from jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling.

Although it might seem that the two programs are both worthy of your membership, which one is the better choice for you? Find out in this review.

Lincoln Casino vs Uptown Aces Affiliates Commission Plans

Uptown Aces and Lincoln Casino are both backed up by program providers: Deck Media Affiliates and SlotsVendor, respectively. Another similarity between the two is that they both offer revenue share scheme and sub-affiliation.

Lincoln Casino Affiliate Program’s revenue share scheme can give you 20% to 40% rev share monthly. For additional income, you can add sub-affiliation to your earning plan. This additional plan can give you 5% of your referred affiliates’ monthly income. Meanwhile, Uptown Aces Affiliate Program offers you 30% to 45% rev share. Refer your fellow affiliates, and you can get 5% of their profit every month as well.

Although the two programs offer the same commission structures, it is evident that Uptown Aces’ offers are better. This is because the rev share rates of this program are higher compared with those of its rival.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

To make your marketing venture easier, the two programs will equip you with marketing tools. Uptown Aces will give you banners, multi-language casino mailers, and landing pages. But if you prefer joining Lincoln Casino Affiliate Program, you will get banners and logos. The additional advertising tool makes Uptown Aces better in terms of marketing tools.

Both programs will give you updated statistical reports. These will show your referral’s activities and your current income. This way, you can monitor your campaign and see where you can improve to refer more players monthly.

Lincoln Casino vs Uptown Aces Affiliates Payment Terms

Both programs promise to pay you monthly. If you are an Uptown Aces affiliate, you will get your income on the 15th day of each month. You can choose your preferred fund transfer method from among wire transfer, Bitcoin wallet, check, Neteller, Eco card, or Skrill.

Lincoln Casino Affiliate Program will send your commission at the end of the month. The program supports various payment options such as Neteller, check by courier, Skrill, and wire transfer.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Uptown Aces and Lincoln Casino will make sure that you are guided throughout your campaign. That is why both offer support channels that you can turn to when you have questions or problems.

You can contact your Uptown Aces affiliate manager through email. But if you want a faster response, you can send a message via Skype. On the other hand, Lincoln Casino has only a contact form provided for you.

By offering you two support channels, Uptown Aces is the better program in this category. The additional channel gives you more options to contact your affiliate manager.

Verdict: Lincoln Casino vs Uptown Aces Affiliates

Lincoln Casino and Uptown Aces are known in the affiliate industry for their wide market reach. Although both betting sites have country restrictions, the two offer a variety of games that can attract different types of players. The two programs will send your income every month through your chosen payment option.

But the programs are different in other areas. Lincoln Casino offers you 20% to 40% revenue share while Uptown Aces is willing to give you 30% to 45% revenue share. Uptown Aces also gives you more marketing tools and offers an additional support channel unlike its rival.

With these differences, it is clear that Uptown Aces is the better choice. By joining this program, you can get up to 45% revenue share, three kinds of advertising tools, and two support channels. You can still join Lincoln Casino Affiliate Program if you find its offers attractive. Or you can join both programs for more chances of earning income monthly. But if you are looking for the better option, then turn to Uptown Aces Affiliate Program.