Melbet vs Betn1 Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Melbet or Betn1?

Every Bitcoin casino affiliate wants to promote the best casino. But looking for the most suitable gaming hub for you might take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are comparative reviews that can help you narrow down your list of potential Bitcoin affiliate programs.

In this write-up, the focus is Melbet and Betn1 Affiliate Programs. Both let you earn by targeting sports bettors and casino players. The only difference is that Betn1 partners can bring in live casino players, which means the program has a bigger market reach compared with Melbet. But will this make Betn1 the better affiliate program or will Melbet still prove itself as the suitable program with its other offers? Read through this Melbet vs. Betn1 Affiliates review to find out.

Melbet vs Betn1 Affiliates Commission Plans

Melbet Affiliate Program lets you choose between two commission plans: revenue sharing or CPA deal. Once you select revenue sharing, you can get 25% to 40% revenue share, depending on the contribution of your referrals to the casino. Unfortunately, there is no information on how much you will earn through CPA deal. But if you think that you deserve a higher rate or you wish to switch your commission plan to the CPA deal, you must negotiate with your affiliate manager. The program also offers you sub-affiliation for additional earnings.

Meanwhile, Betn1 Affiliate Program will place you immediately under revenue sharing. The starting rev share rate is 25%, and the highest is 50%. Do take note that this applies only to the casino and sportsbook. If you refer poker gamers, virtual games players, and gamers to Betn1, you get a fixed rev share rate of 30%.

Although Betn1 partners cannot earn through sub-affiliation or have the option to switch to CPA deal, they can get up to 50% rev share rate when their referrals are able to contribute US$30,000 or more to Betn1. With a higher rev share rate offer, Betn1 takes the score in this category.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

A campaign will not be complete without the right set of tools. Fortunately, both programs provide you with materials that can help you attract potential referrals. Melbet affiliates receive banners while Betn1 promoters receive banners and text links. With an additional campaign material, Betn1 gets the score once again. Other than promotional tools, both programs make sure to provide you with reports. This way, you can monitor your performance as well as your current income.

Melbet vs Betn1 Affiliates Payment Terms

In terms of payments, the two programs make it a point that you get your funds safe through reliable payment solutions. If you sign up with Melbet Affiliate Program, you can choose to receive your funds through your player account, Neteller, or Qiwi wallet. Betn1 partners should not be worried because they can get their money through bank transfer or checks.

In addition, both programs promise on-time payments. Betn1 sends your earnings every 10th of the month, whereas if you join Melbet Affiliate Program, you will receive your money every Tuesday of the week.  Although the two programs support reliable cash-out options and send your funds on time, MelBet wins this category as the program pays you weekly.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Melbet and Betn1 Affiliate Programs will guide you throughout your campaign by providing you with different ways to contact your affiliate manager. Betn1 promoters can send the support team an email. Meanwhile, Melbet affiliates can use email or Skype to reach their manager for inquiries.

The two programs’ support channels are open around the clock. However, Melbet Affiliate Program offers you more options to communicate with the affiliate manager. In this case, Melbet earns the point for having two communication channels, including Skype which promises faster response.

Verdict: Melbet vs. Betn1 Affiliates

The competition is intense as both programs have their strengths and weaknesses. Both programs make it a point that you get the best deals. Melbet Affiliate Program offers you various commission structures. However, you need to negotiate with your Melbet affiliate manager first so that you can switch to CPA deal. In addition, Melbet has two communication channels and gives your funds every week. This means that you no longer need to wait for a whole month just to withdraw your income.

Meanwhile, Betn1 provides two campaign materials for an easier marketing venture. Even better, the program’s casino has a wider market reach than Melbet. This gives you a big chance of referring more players to reach your desired revenue share rate. In fact, if you go for Betn1, you can target casino, live casino, and sports bettors; whereas if you are with Melbet’s referral program, your market is limited to casino players and sports enthusiasts. Lastly, Betn1 offers a higher rev share rate of 50% unlike the Melbet which offers only up to 40%.

The winner of this match-up is certainly Betn1 with its wider market reach, more campaign materials, and higher revenue share rate offer. Do not worry, though, you can sign up for both programs if you want to. But if you are after the affiliate program with the better offer, Betn1 Affiliate Program is the one for you.