Buzzluck Casino vs Betchain Casino Affiliates

Which Casino Should You Partner with: Buzzluck or Betchain?

If you are new to the online casino industry, remember that you should join a Bitcoin referral program with great offers. Fortunately, there are many available comparative affiliate reviews that will help you decide which program will suit you. This review, in particular, will focus on two affiliate programs: Buzzluck Casino Affiliates and Betchain Casino affiliate program.

Buzzluck Casino is known for its high-quality games that consist of table games, slots, video poker, and other specialty games. Despite having a small gaming library, the betting site allows you to market its bonuses and other features. Meanwhile, your marketing venture is easier with Betchain because of its huge gaming library. Betchain also accepts players around the world, making it easy for you to promote the casino to various markets.

However, these great features are not the only considerations for determining the winning brand in this matchup. Scroll down this Buzzluck vs Betchain Casino affiliates review to see which is the better program.

Buzzluck Casino vs Betchain Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Betchain may have an advantage in terms of game selection and market reach, but is it the better Bitcoin affiliate program in terms of commission plans? By inviting players to sign up, you can earn up to 50% revenue share in this program. Although there are no alternative or additional earning plans available, you still have a good chance of earning profit monthly with Betchain Affiliates’ high rev share rate.

Buzzluck Casino affiliate program offers you revenue sharing as well, but you have the option to add sub-affiliation to your basic commission structure. By doing so, you have a chance of earning higher income. While Buzzluck Casino Affiliates also lets you earn with a 50% rev share rate, such rate applies only to your first two months. Afterward, the maximum profit share that you can have is lowered to 40%.

Betchain Affiliates obviously gets the upper hand here. It may not provide you with an additional earning plan, but it offers you up to 50% revenue share not only during the onset of the partnership but all throughout your marketing venture. On the other hand, Buzzluck Casino Affiliate Program is still tempting because you can include sub-affiliation in your commission plan. The catch is, your rate will decrease after two months.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Both affiliate programs earn a point in this category as they provide you with campaign tools to help you with your marketing. Buzzluck Casino promoters get banners and text links, while marketers of Betchain get newsletters and banners. These promotional tools will help you get your desired commission. Additionally, Buzzluck Casino affiliate program and Betchain Affiliates give you access to reports that will show you how many players click-through your campaign materials.

Buzzluck Casino vs Betchain Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

It is very important that the affiliate program pays you on time for your efforts. The good news is, Buzzluck Casino and Betchain Affiliates promise no delay of payments. Betchain affiliate program gives your payouts in the first week of the month, while Buzzluck Casino Affiliates pays you on the first day of each month.

The two programs also give you the option to use casino player account fund transfer as your cash-out method. You may even opt for any of the other payment options supported by the two programs. Buzzluck partners may choose to get their funds by bank transfer, check, Bitcoin, ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, or wire transfer. Meanwhile, Betchain affiliates can receive their money through various fund transfer methods, including Visa and Yandex.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

It is vital that you have easy connection with your affiliate manager, especially if you have questions that need answers right away. Fortunately, both programs will see to it that you will get relevant answers as soon as possible.

In case you choose to promote Buzzluck, you can contact your affiliate manager through email. The friendly support team will help you with your needs and guide you throughout your marketing venture. But if you are looking for a program that has two support channels, you have Betchain Affiliates. This program lets you reach your affiliate manager through email or live chat. The additional support channel promises you a faster response.

Even if the support team of Buzzluck will make sure to prioritize your concerns, the support channels of Betchain can give you more ways of contacting your affiliate manager. The extra contact support earns Betchain another point in this competition.

Verdict: Buzzluck Casino vs Betchain Affiliates

This matchup showed that Buzzluck Casino and Betchain affiliate programs offer various marketing tools and good payment terms. Having many marketing tools can help you attract more bettors to sign up with and make deposit on whichever betting site you choose to promote. Additionally, the two programs will not let you down as you can maximize your profit with your various campaign tools. You do not even have to worry about delayed payments because whether you promote Buzzluck or Betchain, you will get your income on time.

Although both programs are great in terms of promotional tools and payment terms, there are still some other aspects that need to be considered. And it is evident that Betchain takes the most points in those categories. Betchain has a bigger gaming library and player population, making it a more attractive casino among players. More so, your marketing efforts will not be wasted as you can get up to 50% rev share in this program. While you can still get this rate with Buzzluck Casino Affiliates, your 50% startup rate will last for only two months. Plus, there are two support channels that you can use when you sign up for Betchain Affiliates.

Indeed, it is very clear that Betchain Affiliates is the better program in this comparative review. Aspiring Buzzluck Casino promoters should not be discouraged as they can still promote the casino. But if you want to join a program with a better offer, Betchain Casino is the one for you.