Cloudbet vs NetBet Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Cloudbet or NetBet?

As a Bitcoin casino affiliate, you should look for a casino partner that offers the best game and bonus choices to casino and sports bettors alike. Better yet, choose a casino partner that caters to gamers located in different parts of the world for a wider market reach.

If Cloudbet and NetBet are among your prospective betting sites to seal partnership with, you are in luck. Here in this Cloudbet vs NetBet Affiliates review, you will see all that you need to know before you decide whether to sign up as a Cloudbet partner or as a NetBet affiliate.

First off, know that Cloudbet accepts players from around the world except those in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. NetBet, on the other hand, has more country restrictions as it does not accept players in the US, France, Italy, and many other territories. Meanwhile, both brands offer classic casino games, a live casino, and a sportsbook. They also each have an affiliate program that presents various marketing tools, two commission plan options, and secure payment methods. Read on to know more.

Cloudbet vs NetBet Affiliates Commission Plans

NetBet partners can choose to earn through CPA deal or through revenue sharing. The CPA deal offers up to €100 per referral if you are able to bring in 21 or more players. But if you prefer revenue sharing, you can get 20% to 40% commission by referring 100 or more players per month.

You can also have revenue sharing under Cloudbet Affiliate Program. But you will have to start with the Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover plan. This earning plan gives you 30% share of the net gaming revenue that the casino receives from your referrals, plus 0.2% of the sportsbook’s turnover. After three months, you can choose to stick with this plan or to have the Full Rev Share, which gives you a flat 30% revenue share from the sportsbook, casino, and live casino of Cloudbet.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Various marketing tools await you whether you join Cloudbet Affiliate Program or NetBet Affiliate Program. Cloudbet partners get banners, landing pages, marketing tools, and bonus codes, while NetBet affiliates receive banners, landing pages, text links, and sportsbook widgets.

These campaign materials make your marketing venture easier as they help grab the attention of your potential referrals. If you maximize the use of these tools, you have a big chance of earning a higher monthly income. For you to check the impact of these materials, you can request the programs to send your statistical reports which will show your current income and your players’ activities.

Cloudbet vs NetBet Affiliates Payment Terms

NetBet sends your income within the first two weeks of the month through Neteller, Skrill, or WebMoney. Meanwhile, Cloudbet will release your funds in bitcoins with no withdrawal and admin fees. Cloudbet does not indicate its payment schedule, so you need to ask your affiliate manager when you will receive your money.

Unfortunately, Cloudbet Affiliate Program and NetBet Affiliate Program carry negative balances over to the next month. This means you will have to always set off your negative balances before you can once again have an account set in a positive position.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Cloudbet and NetBet Affiliate Programs will prioritize your needs by giving you two support channels. You can contact the support team of Cloudbet through email or Skype. But if you decide to join NetBet Affiliate Program, you can reach your affiliate manager through email or phone call.

Having two support channels that are available around the clock will give you quick answers to your questions. Plus, you can get marketing strategies that will improve your campaign by simply talking to your affiliate manager.

Verdict: Cloudbet vs NetBet Affiliates

Cloudbet and NetBet Affiliate Programs are similar in a way that they both provide two support channels, various marketing tools, and a betting site that offers casino games, live casino, and sportsbook. They also cater to players worldwide, except NetBet has more country restrictions, making Cloudbet stand as the brand with the wider market reach.

When it comes to commission structures, both NetBet and Cloudbet give you two commission structure options. The difference is that NetBet offers a higher ceiling revenue share rate of 40%.  Although NetBet’s highest offer is bigger, it poses a risk of having your rev share go down to as low as 20% if the conditions are not met. In the case of Cloudbet, you get to be under a safer revenue sharing scheme because of the flat 30% offer. You will not earn up to 40% of the casino’s profit, but at least you will not get any amount lower than 30% of the betting site’s income generated from your referrals.

Which earning plan, then, is better? The answer depends on your preference. If you want a safer plan, have Cloudbet’s flat 30% rev share offer. If you are an aggressive affiliate who generates high website traffic, take on NetBet’s rev sharing scheme which may give you as much as 40% rev share.

Deciding on which program is better now just lies on whichever program presents a more favorable set of payment terms and whichever casino gives you a wider scope of target. This now brings you to the conclusion that Cloudbet Affiliate Program is the better choice. Why? It is because the program processes payments in Bitcoin which, as known by many, promises faster transaction with no withdrawal fees. Plus, the program targets players across many territories, including the US. This gives you more leverage, especially when you want to direct your focus on crypto bettors around the world.

The referral program of Cloudbet may have won here, but it may not fare well when it is pitted against other programs. That is why it will help you more if you read more comparative reviews.