mBit VS 1xBit Affiliates

This mBit vs 1xBit affiliates review sheds light on some of the most important factors of the programs. If you’re looking for a Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison that features the two brands, this write-up is perfect for you. Choose wisely and make the most out of the opportunities these two brands offer.

mBit Casino vs 1xBit affiliates

Firstly, mBit Casino hands out great opportunities to earn. It can be an alternative for those who don’t want to put their bitcoins on the line. If you know a thing or two about affiliation, this might just fit the bill.

1xBit is a top Bitcoin gambling site that boasts its Bitcoin affiliate program. Affiliates of the casino can yield earnings when they attract more customers to sign up at the website.

Revenue Share

When it comes to revenue share with mBit vs 1xBit affiliates, the two cannot be more different. Affiliates of mBit receives up to 50%. This is a great initial offer for those who want to try out affiliation programs for the first time. Meanwhile, 1xBit affiliates can earn up to 25% of the profit that the online casino receives from the Bitcoin referral program, which can increase over time.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

mBit vs 1xBit affiliates are similar when it comes to the Bitcoin affiliate marketing tools and solutions provided. Once you register an mBit account, you can start your affiliate profile right away. You are given a referral link that you can use to refer players to the casino. You also have access to attractive banners that can be placed on your website or e-mail marketing messages.

The same goes for 1xBit. You get a referral link and attractive banners that can contain your referral link. Both are great tools that capture the attention of potential customers.

Commission Payout

Of course, when talking about the mBit vs 1xBit affiliates, commission can be a deciding factor for anyone. In terms of payouts, the two are basically the same. Both mBit vs 1xBit affiliates payout every month. mBit pays every 5th of each month. 1xBit pays every 20th of each month.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

mBit vs 1xBit affiliates offer reliable customer support. There are representatives that can cater to your queries if need be. You have round-the-clock customer support available on both sites.


mBit is the right choice for those who want to try it out affiliation for the first time. It is simple. Anyone can understand its features right away. Its revenue is also shines among its competitors.

1xBit is a great option for those who want to work their way to more affiliate profits. The fact that the 25% revenue can further increase is something not all affiliate programs can offer.

It’s a close match for both Bitcoin casino affiliate programs. Although both can do a bit more improvement when it comes to their support system, you cannot go wrong with any of the two names if you want to start your own affiliate journey.