1xBit VS Crypto-Games.net Affiliates

1xBit and Crypto-Games.net are two booming brands in the industry. These two names are known for their great online Bitcoin gambling services for users. Experience the best games and quality services once you step inside any of these sites. Of course, you cannot deny the fact that the 1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates are two features that could bring in more bitcoins. Look into this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison and you might just become the next big Bitcoin affiliate.

1xBit VS Crypto-Games.net Affiliates

Revenue Share

1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates are similar in terms compensation. Affiliates of 1xBit earn 25% of the profits that the casino receives from the referrals. Do well and the management team might notice your performance and further boost the percentage you get from the earnings.

Meanwhile, for every Bitcoin or altcoin your Crypto-Games referrals wager, you get 25% of the house edge of bets. This goes for spinning reel games, dice, and other games. If you wish to improve this number, you can simply contact the website’s marketing department and discuss a better deal.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Basically, both are a match when it comes to giving affiliates with marketing tools and solutions. The 1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates provide additional Bitcoin affiliate marketing tools for you to be able to market the brands better. For instance, 1xBit supplies a referral link. Use this to lead more players to check out the website. You may also use the provided banners that contain the referral link as well.

Crypto-Games.net has two tools you can use. There are the graphic banners and the referral link. All you have to do is copy the link and use it on your website for visitors to see.

Commission Payout

There’s no need to worry about how 1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates pay out. Both programs pay on time. 1xBit’s payment schedule is set every 20th of the month. In the case of Crypto-Games, you can discuss the schedule of payments with the support team.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If you need help, 1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates offer great support teams. Address your concerns and queries regarding your casino affiliate programs. The representatives are more than willing to help you resolve your problems. 1xBit has a live chat feature and an e-mail address you can contact while Crypto-Games only has a dedicated e-mail address for support.


In terms of features, there is no doubt that both 1xBit vs Crypto-Games.net affiliates pack a punch. However, it is obvious that 1xBit has more experience when it comes to providing this type of program. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you cannot yield earnings from Crypto-Games.net. The brand is still in the game when it comes to affiliate marketing programs.

What makes 1xBit stand out is the fact that it offers a solid payment program. It also accepts players worldwide, including US users, making it accessible.

For Crypto-Games.net, it shows promise in terms of its revenue share rates, which you anyone can increase in the long run.

When it comes to improvements, Crypto-Games can do with better support programs. Additional contact details would greatly help users. On the other hand, 1xBit covers all of your needs, which makes it better for first timers.