Betstreak vs Silver Edge Casino Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: BetStreak or Silver Edge?

When choosing a Bitcoin affiliate program to join, you do not just check the brand that you are going to promote; you also research its entire package inclusive of the commission plans, marketing tools, and so on. To better help you know more about the different Bitcoin referral programs, consider reading comparative reviews like this.

In this review, the focus is on Betstreak and Silver Edge Casino Affiliates. Those who plan to join either program will be given the opportunity to earn by promoting huge game libraries. You can target slot players, live casino bettors, poker gamers, and those who are into specialty games like scratch games, hi-lo, and pontoon. Read through this Betstreak vs Silver Edge Casino Affiliates review to know which is the better program.

Betstreak vs Silver Edge Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

By default, you will be under a revenue share commission plan upon joining Betstreak Affiliates or Silver Edge Casino affiliate program. The difference is that when you are a Silver Edge partner, you have the option to add sub-affiliation to their campaign. You also earn differently from desktop players and mobile gamers. When you bring in more than 300 new depositing players, you will have 35% rev share from the desktop casino and 37% rev share from the mobile casino.

Meanwhile, Betstreak will base your commission on the wager of your referrals. For example, when your referrals have a total wager of 1 to 20 BTC you get 25% rev share. If your referrals reach a total wager of more than 80 BTC, you will receive 45% rev share.

If you look at the offer of the two programs, you will notice that Betstreak gives a higher commission rate. Betstreak’s 45% is more profitable than the 37% rev share rate of Silver Edge. Although Silver Edge offers an additional earning plan, you have a bigger chance earning more with Betstreak.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

In the aspect of promotional tools, Betstreak and Silver Edge Casino Affiliates provide you with the right materials for your campaign. Betstreak partners get links and banners, whereas Silver Edge promoters receive standard creatives and other tools. You can use these tools to grab the attention of your potential referrals.

To check the effectiveness of these materials and of your marketing effort, you may ask your affiliate manager for reports. Both programs give you in-depth reports on your affiliate performance. The reports will show your revenue and the number of referral link click-throughs.

Betstreak vs Silver Edge Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

Betstreak and Silver Edge Casino affiliate programs are punctual when it comes to releasing your payouts. But the payment schedules and cash-out options are different. Betstreak Affiliate Program will send your income on the 1st day of the month, and Silver Edge Affiliate Program on the 10th day of each month.

For the payout methods, Silver Edge affiliates may choose from among bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, or Bitcoin wallet. Those who market Betstreak get their income via their player account. The great thing about the two programs is that negative balances are not carried over to the next month. This means that you start each month fresh for more chances of gaining profit.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

You can expect Betstreak and Silver Edge to have your back whenever you have concerns about the program or your campaign. Both programs have email and Skype support staff willing to give you professional assistance. The support teams are also open to your recommendations, so feel free to voice out your concerns and suggestions.

Verdict: Betstreak vs Silver Edge Casino Affiliates

It is evident in this matchup that both Betstreak and Silver Edge Affiliates are neck and neck when it comes to marketing tools, support, payment terms, and products. The two programs provide you with various materials that can make your marketing venture easier. You will not have a problem contacting your affiliate manager because both programs have email and Skype support channels.

Payment terms are also the least of your concerns because Betstreak and Silver Edge will send your income on the designated payment schedule. You should not worry about negative balances because the two programs have the “no negative carryover” feature. Additionally, promoting Betstreak and Silver Edge are easy because of the gaming portals’ huge game libraries.

However, the two programs are not similar in terms of commission plans. Silver Edge partners have revenue sharing and sub-affiliation, while Betstreak affiliates have only the rev sharing scheme. But even if Betstreak does not provide an additional earning plan, the program gives a 45% ceiling rate which is higher than the 37% rev share offer of Silver Edge Casino.

The higher revenue share rate makes Betstreak the better program in this comparative review. Do not worry, you can still partner with Silver Edge. But if you want to get a better commission rate matching your marketing efforts, consider Betstreak affiliate program as the better choice.