Barbados Casino vs Gossip Slots Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Barbados Casino or Gossip Slots?

Two of the well-known affiliate programs in the Bitcoin gambling affiliate industry are Barbados Casino Affiliate Program and Gossip Slots Affiliate Program. Through this Barbados Casino vs Gossip Slots Affiliates write-up, you will know why these programs are favored by Bitcoin casino affiliates as well as what their differences and similarities are. This comparative review will then tell you which program is better in terms of commission plans, payment terms, and more.

For starters, know that both are handled by their respective program providers. Royal Affiliates markets Barbados Casino, while Drake Affiliates markets Gossip Slots. The two programs do not allow you to refer the same set of player types. Gossip Slots affiliates focus on casino players, whereas Barbados Casino webmasters target casino, live casino, and even scratch card players.

You cannot just refer any player across the globe when you join either program for the betting sites are restricted in some areas. Gossip Slots does not accept players in France, Canada, and some states in the US. Meanwhile, Barbados Casino is restricted in the UK and the US. By looking at their target markets and potential player reach, you might think that Barbados Casino can give you a bigger opportunity to refer more players each month. But does this make Barbados Casino the better program? Continue reading this match-up to know the answer.

Barbados Casino vs Gossip Slots Affiliates Commission Plans

Gossip Slots Affiliate Program is generous enough to provide you with a special revenue share rate during your first two months as a partner. You will get a fixed rev share rate of 75% in your first month and 50% in your second month. From your third month onward, you will start earning a regular rev share of up to 45%, depending on the net revenue the casino gets from your referrals.

When your referrals are able to contribute US$45,001 or more to the casino, you will hit the higher regular rate which is 45%. If you think that revenue share is not enough, you have the option to switch to CPA deal. Take note that you need to negotiate with your affiliate manager first to know if you are eligible for this plan.

Meanwhile, you will be offered a fixed 50% revenue share rate in your first three months when you join Barbados Casino Affiliate Program. When that period is over, make sure that your referrals contribute €50,001 or more to the casino so that you can get the highest rev share rate of 45%. You also have the option to suggest to your affiliate manager a tailored commission plan if you want to.

Both programs offer special startup payouts, though in different rates, and the same regular ceiling rate of 45%. One major difference lies in the casino profit requirement. Getting the max rate of 45% is easier with Gossip Slots because it just requires your referrals to contribute a net revenue amount of US$45,000 or more. On the other hand, you need to meet the net revenue requirement of at least €50,001 to get the ceiling rate in Barbados Casino’s affiliate program.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

You should also check the campaign materials offered by the affiliate program that you are about to join. Fortunately, the programs of both Barbados Casino and Gossip Slots provide you with banners and customized marketing tools. These marketing tools allow you to target wide demographics and make your campaign personal.

Even better, the two programs provide reports for you to monitor and analyze your performance. These data will show you your referrals’ activities, registrations, as well as your current income. These reports can either be sent to your email or can be found in your affiliate account.

Barbados Casino vs Gossip Slots Affiliates Payment Terms

Expect monthly incomes from Barbados Casino and Gossip Slots Affiliate Programs. The former releases your income usually on the 10th business day of each month while the latter pays you every 25th.  Both programs make it a point that you get your funds on the respective dates without delays.

Additionally, if you are a Barbados Casino partner, you will get your hard-earned income through bank wire transfer, Neteller, or BACS direct credit. But as a Gossip Slots affiliate, you can get paid through wire transfer, check by courier, Western Union, or player account transfer.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If you have inquiries about Barbados Casino, you can contact the support team via email, Skype, or WhatsApp. If you are a Gossip Slots partner, you can email or call the support staff when you have concerns. Although both programs provide you with sure ways to contact your affiliate manager, Barbados Casino offers more communication channels to help you compared with Gossip Slots. But whichever program you choose, know that all support channels are available around the clock.

Verdict: Barbados Casino vs Gossip Slots Affiliates

Barbados Casino and Gossip Slots Affiliate Programs are similar in a way that the two programs make sure to give you on-time payments and provide you with various marketing tools to help your campaign. Both also offer different ways to contact your affiliate manager, except that Barbados Casino has three communication channels, unlike Gossip Slots that has only two.

In terms of market reach, Barbados Casino can attract more types of players like casino, live casino, and scratch card players. If you partner with this casino, you can also target players around the world except for those in the US and the UK. On the contrary, if you sign up with Gossip Slots Affiliate Program, you are limited to referring casino players only. Also, you cannot refer players in several countries including France and some states in the US.

Lastly, when it comes to commission structures, the two programs offer you two commission plans and special startup rates. Although the startup rates offered are not similar, both are equally rewarding. Either you go for having a fixed 50% rev share for three months with Barbados Casino Affiliate Program, or you choose to have a 75% rev share on your first month and 50% on your second month with Gossip Slots. Even better, both programs offer a max regular rate of 45%. However, the net revenue requirement of Barbados Casino is higher compared with that of Gossip Slots. This means that you can easily get the max rate with Gossip Slots.

Although it might look like both programs are at a tie, Barbados Casino wins in the match-up. This is because even if Gossip Slots is better in terms of commission plans, Barbados Casino Affiliate Program has a wider market reach and more support channels. But it will not be bad if you decide to also join Gossip Slots’ program. Being under both programs will give you a bigger chance of earning huge monthly.