Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates

A webmaster looks for a Bitcoin affiliate program. He browses the internet for some Bitcoin affiliate reviews. He comes across one that says a lot of good things about one program. Delighted in what he just read, he decides to sign up for it, only to find out there actually exist programs better than the one he signed up for. His remorse is what we do not want you to feel. So we advise that if you want the best, be willing to do some extensive research. Read not just reviews but also Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison write-ups such as this Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates article.

Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates

Yebo Casino affiliate program and Intertops affiliate program are in a match too close that you will think it is hard to decide which of the them is a better deal-maker. But through this Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates match-up, you will find it is actually easy to say to which of the two you should give your trust. First off, know that Yebo Casino offers more than 200 classic online casino games. Intertops, on the other hand, leads the race as it presents a wider variety of betting activities across its Sportsbook, Classic Casino, and Poker pages. To know more than just the difference between their game libraries, read on.

Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates Commission Plans

Indeed, Intertops is a step ahead because of its bigger game selection. But this time, it is overtaken by its rival. The reason is that Yebo’s Bitcoin referral program promises a higher range of rev share – that is, 20% to 45%. This range is higher than Intertops’ offer which is only 15% to 35%. Although different, both ranges are based on net gaming revenue. Also, both programs give you the chance to earn 5% of your recruited affiliates’ income.

This Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates comparative review tells you as well that Yebo offers you other earning plans. These are the CPA and hybrid deals. Sadly, you cannot find these deals in Intertops’ program. Obviously then, Yebo strides forward, leaving its competitor behind by some steps.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

If you wonder how you can achieve those earning rates, this Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates section brings you some good news. That is, either program has got you covered. Partnering with any of the two gaming sites grants you the right to use effective tools in marketing. Yebo provides you with banners, progressive tickers, e-mailers, and links. Intertops gives you ad banners, affiliate dashboard, and links.

Reasonably, the programs are in a standoff in terms of the set of materials they offer for use. Choosing either set, however, requires that you still work hard enough in gaining traffic for your affiliate site.

Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates Payment Terms

Your satisfaction with a program is not just about earning much, but also about how fast you can get your hands on your earnings. That is why you should never forget to pit Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates in terms of payment reliability.

The good news is both programs have no negative balance carryovers. In addition, both deal in Bitcoin and real money via accredited payment channels. More so, you can expect fast transactions. Yebo pays within the first 10 days of the month, whereas Intertops pays at the end of the month.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Emphasized as well in this Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates comparative review is the importance of having easier access to a reliable support team. You should bear in mind that your concerns, if not aired to the program’s support team, will merit no solution.

Now which program will deliver you better support? We say none as they are nip and tuck when it comes to providing 24/7 affiliate assistance. Yes, you can reach either program’s support team around the clock via email or Skype.

Verdict: Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates

You might have noticed that the programs in focus keep abreast with each other along the highlighted aspects. But this Yebo vs Intertops Affiliates roundup spares no tie. One has to end up the winner against the other.

Intertops is on a par with Yebo along the offers of marketing tools, support, and payment convenience. But Yebo scores a lot higher as it rewards you with a ceiling rev share that is higher than Intertops’ by 10%. Although Yebo loses in the contest of which has the bigger game library, Yebo still takes the lead. As you may know, the earning plans provided by a program are of greater importance than the size of the game library it markets. Add to this premise the fact that Yebo provides alternative earning plans that the rival does not offer and you will see more clearly why Yebo affiliate program wins the race.