iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: iNetBet or AlfCasino?

Not only are Bitcoin casinos increasing every day, but also Bitcoin affiliate programs. With this, you might have a hard time choosing the suitable one for you. But worry not as we will help you find a great program that can suit your needs through this comparative review.

iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates

The two programs that will compete are iNetBet Affiliate Program and AlfCasino Affiliate Program. Both are backed up by renowned program providers, Income Network and 7StarsPartners, respectively. Another similarity between the two is that they cater to casino players who prefer playing slots, table games, and poker.

However, the betting sites are restricted in some countries. iNetBet does not accept players from the Czech Republic, France, and Malaysia, to name a few. Meanwhile, if you join AlfCasino Affiliate Program, you cannot invite players from the US, the UK, and Iran, among others.

But which of the two is the better program for you? Read through this iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates match-up to find out.

iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates Commission Plans

The first category in this match-up is the commission plans. In choosing the program to join, you must be sure that it offers high conversion rates. If you decide to join iNetBet’s program, you will be under a revenue sharing scheme. The program offers you a revenue share rate range of between 25% and 35%. You have the option to add sub-affiliation if you want to earn extra income monthly.

Similarly, AlfCasino will immediately place you under revenue sharing scheme. Your commission will be based on your referral count monthly. Refer up to 15 players, and you will get a 45% revenue share rate. The good news is that in unique conditions, you can get as high as 60% rev share rate.

While it is true that both programs have satisfactory rates, AlfCasino has the better offer with its rev share rate of up to 60%. You will no longer need sub-affiliation to have a high monthly income. All you need to do is be eligible for the unique conditions imposed by the program.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Another important feature that you should consider is the marketing tools of each program. After all, you can reach your desired rev share rate faster if you have enough tools that can attract your potential players. AlfCasino will give you demo games and landing pages. You will also receive banners in GIF, flash format, and JPEG.

On the other hand, iNetBet focuses on two advertising tools only: tracking links and banners. With its few provided tools, iNetBet loses in this category. You have a bigger chance of attracting new players with AlfCasino’s creatives.

iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates Payment Terms

Both programs promise to give your hard-earned income every month. iNetBet sends your funds on the 21st day of the month, while AlfCasino pays you on the 10th day of each month.

iNetBet partners can get their commission through check or bank transfer. Take note that the program has a payment threshold of US$500 and carries negative balances over to the following month. Meanwhile, AlfCasino lets you choose your desired payment method from among Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and QIWI wallet. It also has a “no negative balance carryover” feature, giving you more chances of earning.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Being a member of either program entitles you to have a dedicated affiliate manager. AlfCasino gives you three ways to contact your affiliate manager: Skype, live chat, and email. You can expect a fast response as these channels are available 24/7. But if you prefer to join iNetBet Affiliate Program, you can contact your affiliate manager through email.

Verdict: iNetBet vs AlfCasino Affiliates

AlfCasino and iNetBet Affiliate Programs are popular in the industry for their top-notch brands and satisfactory affiliate packages. The two programs have a wide market reach which is a plus for every affiliate. Just be sure that your referrals will not be coming from the restricted countries of any of the betting sites.

But which is the better program?  AlfCasino Affiliate Program is clearly the better choice. The program has a higher revenue share rate and has more advertising tools to offer you. It also supports more payment methods with no negative balance carryover, unlike its rival. That is not all as the program gives you three ways to contact your affiliate manager.

You can still join iNetBet Affiliate Program if you want to. It still offers you satisfactory rates, free marketing tools, and on-time payments. But if you are after the program with better commission plans, marketing tools, payment terms, and contact channels, then you should have no doubts in joining AlfCasino Affiliate Program.