Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates

You will find that the list of Bitcoin affiliate programs today goes a long way down. Scrolling down that list is easy, but checking each item there is time-consuming. The good thing is there are now Bitcoin affiliate program reviews that you can read. They give you sound evaluation of the programs. But better than reviews are Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison write-ups. These articles let you know which of two neck-and-neck programs is more worthy of your support. A perfect example of an affiliate comparison is this Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates article.

Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates

Know that Bet N’ Spin affiliate program and Playamo affiliate program are in a close match in terms of offers to potential partners like you. While the former relies on Post Affiliate Pro, the latter runs on Playamo’s proprietary affiliate platform. No matter how different, the gaming sites promoted by these programs are both Cyprus-based. Continue reading this comparative review to find out which of the two deserves your membership more.

Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates Commission Plans

The first focus of this Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates comparative review is the difference between the rev shares offered by the programs. Their rev share offers are both tiered. Also, your earnings from either shall depend on the number of players you rake in.

But if it is high profit you look for, place Playamo’s program a step ahead. This Bitcoin referral program gives you 25% to 50% rev share. This range is higher than the offer of the rival program which is 25% to 45% share.

Now are there other earning options? Yes. Bet N’ Spin brings you two alternative plans. These are the CPA and the hybrid deals. Meanwhile, Playamo allows you to earn more by referring new partners to the program.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

You should bear in mind that it is not only the rev share that you should primarily consider. You should also look into how a program will help you market the casino to players. As this Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates write-up emphasizes, a checking of the marketing tools a casino will provide you with is vital. After all, reaching the highest earning tier will not be possible if you are not equipped with the right tools.

So to speak, it seems that both Bet N’ Spin and Playamo will equip you with effective weapons in promoting the brands. Bet N’ Spin will let you use its banners, landing pages, and special promo materials. Meanwhile, Playamo will arm you with banners, newsletters, and blog posts.

Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates Payment Terms

Of course, a discussion on Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates payments is necessary. You have to bear in mind that another factor that may affect your satisfaction as a Bitcoin affiliate is the program’s payment reliability. To be fair, partnering with either of the two gaming sites in focus means experiencing fast payouts.

Also, both programs will pay you in either fiat or Bitcoin through various channels. Plus, you will have one less worry as both do not apply negative balance carryover. The difference is that Bet N’ Spin pays between the 15th and 20th of the month, while Playamo pays within each month’s first week

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

This Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates comparative review also points out the importance of a reliable support. The easier you can contact your program manager, the faster your concerns will be addressed. That is why you should put a program with a non-reliable support team a step backward in the race.

Do not worry, though, about the programs matched here. Both offer you dedicated support. However, Bet N’ Spin takes the lead as it has both email and Skype as contact channels. Playamo, on the other hand, is reachable only via email.

Verdict: Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates

Without a doubt, Playamo overtakes Bet N’ Spin in terms of rev share. While the former offers you a ceiling rate of 50%, the latter has 45% as the highest possible share you can get. Nonetheless, joining either program will give you access to tools that will make your marketing more effective.

Furthermore, it is Bet N’ Spin that provides you with a wider selection of games. Playamo also has a huge gaming library. The catch is it does not have the sports betting games that its rival offers.

When it comes to customer support, you will be more at ease with Bet N’ Spin. It uses two communication channels, so you can expect quick response from the support team. But as far as payments are concerned, you get a promise of convenience from both programs. They both offer fast payouts through various payment methods. If you deal in Bitcoin, both have a place for you.

Considering all those significant aspects, you should see by now which of the two gains the upper hand. As per this Bet N’ Spin vs Playamo Affiliates match-up, Bet N’ Spin is your better option.