Gossip Slots vs Funclub Casino Affiliates

Will You Earn More as a Gossip Slots Affiliate or as a Funclub Casino Partner?

In terms of Bitcoin affiliate programs that market mobile-friendly casinos with generous offers, you have Gossip Slots Affiliates and FunClub Casino affiliate program as options. Both offer various slot games ranging from 3D slots to classic slots. They even have table games, video poker, and virtual racebook, all of which you can promote and earn money in return. But which program offers a better set of commission plans, marketing tools, and payment terms? Find out by reading through this Gossip Slots vs FunClub Casino Affiliates comparative review.

Gossip Slots vs Funclub Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Most affiliates base their decision on whether to join a particular program or not on the commission plans offered. After all, Bitcoin affiliate marketing is not easy. You must, therefore, choose affiliate programs with a profitable commission plan. Now see which between Gossip Slots and Funclub Casino gets the vote of more affiliates in terms of earning rates.

Funclub Casino affiliate program offers you different earning plans. You may choose either the revenue sharing scheme or the CPA deal. Also, the program lets you have sub-affiliation as an additional earning plan. The advantage of being a promoter of Funclub Casino is that the income you get from the desktop casino is different from the profit you gain from the mobile casino. The highest rev share rate that you can get from the desktop casino is 35% and 37% from the mobile casino.

Gossip Slots Affiliates, on the other hand, offers you rev sharing scheme. For extra income, you may have sub-affiliation as your complementary commission plan. The program might not offer you any alternative earning plans like the CPA offered by the rival program, but Gossip Slots Affiliates can give you up to 45% revenue share. Even better, you get an introductory rev share rate of 75% in your first month and 50% rev share in your second month.

The commission plans of Gossip Slots affiliate program are better since you know that even if the net gaming revenue requirement is a bit high, you will be rewarded with a rev share rate as high as 45%. And if you keep working on the traffic generated by your affiliate websites, you will have better chances making the most of the revenue sharing scheme.  You may even target high-rollers and spread your affiliate links across different social medial platforms to easily reach the ceiling rate.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Your affiliate website will not be complete without the promotional banners and other creatives. Gossip Slots and Funclub Casino Affiliates offer these materials to help you refer more players. You can place these materials in areas that can easily catch the attention of your potential players.

To know if your promotional tools and your marketing strategy are effective, you can view the affiliate reports provided by the two programs. Check how much you earn daily and see the activities of your referred players. There is no need for you to question your profit because these reports show the transparency of both affiliate programs.

Gossip Slots vs Funclub Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

The competitors offer the same payout schedules. The promoters of both Gossip Slots and Funclub Casino will receive their income on the 10th of each month. And negative balances are not carried over to the next month, giving you more chances of gaining profit.

For Funclub Casino promoters, you may receive your payouts through any of the following payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. For Gossip Slots affiliates, you can receive your commission via your player account, wire transfer, Western Union/MoneyGram, or check by courier.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Both programs provide you with affiliate managers that you can contact any time you need help. Gossip Slots affiliates may contact the support team via email or Skype support to get answers to additional questions. On the other hand, partners of Funclub Casino can reach their affiliate managers via email or phone call.

You can expect that the support teams of both programs are available 24/7 and will respond to your inquiries the moment your message is received. You may even ask for pieces of advice that can improve your website.

Verdict: Gossip Slots vs Funclub Casino Affiliates

When it comes to marketing tools, support channels, payout terms, and products, the two programs are neck and neck. Whether you join Gossip Slots affiliate program or Funclub Casino Affiliates, you will be provided with effective promotional tools that can bring in more players. If you need help, you may reach your affiliate manager through the two support channels from both programs. Additionally, the two programs send your income on the 10th of each month with no negative balance carryovers. Also, promoting both brands will be easy for you because both have huge gaming libraries and rewarding promotions.

The only difference between the two programs is the earning plans. Funclub Casino offers 20% to 37% rev share rate while Gossip Slots gives you 25% to 45% rev share rate. Also, Gossip Slots affiliate program gives you a startup rev share rate of 75% in your first month and 50% in the next month. This means that your chance of earning income is bigger with Gossip Slots Affiliates, especially during your first two months as an affiliate.

Even if Gossip Slots Affiliates wins this comparative review, you may still join Funclub Casino affiliate program. But if you are aiming for a program that offers a better commission structure, go for Gossip Slots affiliate program.