Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates

Weigh Between Being a Quesino Partner and a BitStarz Affiliate

Webmasters who deal in Bitcoin definitely look for more opportunities to top up their crypto wallets. While some enter cryptocurrency trading, others join Bitcoin casino affiliate programs. The former might be a chance for you to turn your bitcoins into an investment, but it is the latter which makes you earn bitcoins without placing any crypto capital on the table.

Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates

Since it is safer—and free—to undertake affiliate marketing, never miss the chance to be a partner of a Bitcoin casino. If Quesino and BitStarz are among your choices, see which of the two is worth establishing a partnership with. Read through this Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates comparative review.

But before looking into the programs’ commission schemes, know first that they share relatively the same game categories. Either program promotes slots, table games, live casino games, and casual games from well-known software providers. As a Bitcoin affiliate, you can rest assured that partnering with Quesino or BitStarz will make it easier for you to give your players a great casino experience.

Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates Commission Plans

Games are for your referred players while revenue shares are for you. With respect to Quesino and BitStarz affiliate programs, you have nothing to complain about when it comes to the earning plan. They both give the same revenue share range of 25% to 40% based on net gaming revenue.

Quesino affiliate program, on the other hand, provides you with an alternative earning plan. Rather than earning via rev sharing, you may choose getting paid through either the CPA or the hybrid deal. The catch is, you will first need to check with your program manager if you are eligible for either deal. With BitStarz affiliate program, no negotiations about alternative earning plans are needed. Upon signing up, you can start earning right away through rev sharing.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

One of the ways for you to monitor your performance along affiliate marketing is looking at tracking reports. These documents are what you need to see how much profit you generate, how active your players are, and how well your marketing tools do.

The good thing is Quesino Affiliates and BitStarz Affiliates will keep you in the loop. Both programs deliver regular statistics related to your productivity through the venture. Additionally, Quesino adds ease to your campaign as it has for you HTML5, GIF, and JPEG banners and other customized promo materials. BitStarz never gets left behind as it allows you to access its set of effective marketing tools inclusive of ad banners, landing pages, bonus codes, and affiliate links.

Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates Payment Terms

The programs in comparison remain neck and neck. They gain the same score along payment terms. Both promise punctuality in paying affiliates their dues. While Quesino releases your earnings within the first seven days of the month, BitStarz tops up your account with your accrued profit not later than the fifth of the following month.

It is also noteworthy that either program pays either in Bitcoin or in fiat currencies. The withdrawal channels you can use are accredited and secure. You can always expect safe and fast cash-out transactions. Plus, there are no negative carryovers in Quesino and BitStarz Affiliates. You will not have to worry about setting off your below-zero balances. Each month, you are to start with a positive account balance.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

To know whether or not a Bitcoin affiliate program has so much dedication in aiding you as a casino partner, check out its support channel. If it is available around the clock, you can be sure there is a support team you can turn to anytime, especially when you are in the middle of a problem that has to do with your casino marketing venture.

Know that the tie between the partnership programs now breaks as BitStarz takes the lead in the race because of the availability of its live chat affiliate assistance team that you can contact 24/7. Not only that, BitStarz also provides you with an email support channel. Through this, you can air your concerns, especially when you feel there is a need to send the team some file attachments. Quesino also has an email support team. But its lack of a 24/7 live chat functionality makes it fall short of a few steps in the race.

Verdict: Quesino vs BitStarz Affiliates

The affiliate programs of Quesino and BitStarz allow you to market great gaming libraries. They also make you reach out not only to fiat-currency players but also to Bitcoin bettors around the world. Nip and tuck, they compete well with each other as they both provide you with effective marketing solutions and fast and secure payouts.

What disrupts their standoff is the fact that BitStarz has a more reliable support team. While your earnings do not largely depend on the quality of customer support given by a program, your way of remedying glitches and troubles does. After all, you will not always know when professional affiliate assistance will come in handy. It pays to always ensure there is a team you can seek help from at any time of the day.

Considering all the important factors affecting your choice of casino to sign a partnership deal with, you should start giving BitStarz a sure spot on the list of gaming sites you should promote. Quesino might just be a few steps behind, but BitStarz has just proven it is your better affiliate program choice.