1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates Comparison

Success in the field of Bitcoin affiliate marketing does not happen overnight. It requires hard work and time. And oftentimes, it starts with gaining knowledge of the venture achieved through reading. So to speak, among the write-ups you should read are program reviews and Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison articles. All these will take you one step ahead of your fellow beginners. This time around, you may start with this 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates roundup.1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates Comparison

This article pitting 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates will let you know the differences between the two tightly matched affiliate brands. 1xslots affiliate program lets you promote dice, live casino, and slot games to worldwide players. On the other hand, Space Casino affiliate program turns you into a bridge between global gamers and Bitcoin games like slots, video poker, table games, and live casino games.

1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Marketing those games to real-money bettors is not that easy. Make sure, then, that your chosen Bitcoin affiliate program will compensate your efforts well. For your benefit, we highlight in this 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates write-up the difference between the earning plans they each have for you as a Bitcoin affiliate.

It is good to know that both programs offer a rev share up to 45% based on net gaming revenue. However, 1xslots offers a 25% base rev share which is lower than that of Space Casino which is 30%. But when it comes to CPA deals, 1xslots can have you covered.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

To achieve the highest possible rev share, you need effective marketing tools. You had better check out first what the two programs in focus will provide you with to help you become more useful as a partner.

Both 1xslots and Space Casino will not leave you unarmed. They will give you access to promotional tools to strengthen your campaign. They will even keep you updated of your performance as a marketer by giving you feeds and stats about your players’ activities. You can also keep track of your own earnings, thanks to payment reports delivered to you by either program.

1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

As of this 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates writing, 1xslots affiliate program deals only in USD. This means that if you want to receive your payments in Bitcoin, 1xslots is not the right partner for you. You can, then, just turn to Space Casino. Teaming up with this gaming site will allow you to earn in Bitcoin. Here, then, you can expect faster payments and withdrawals.

You may, however, find 1xslots’ payments terms more attractive because of its program’s weekly payout schedule. But if you want monthly payments to top up your account within the first few days of each month, then just go with Space Casino.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

One last important aspect you should not forget to consider in this 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates matchup is affiliate support. Know which of the two will give you more reliable assistance. Sooner or later, you will need to reach your program’s support team to help you with some important matters regarding your business.

Whether you tie up with 1xslots or with Space Casino, you will get affiliate support via email. However, 1xslots takes a step ahead of its rival because it will provide you with Skype support as well.

Verdict: 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates

Now let us give you a quick rundown of the 1xslots vs Space Casino Affiliates battle that transpired. In terms of earning plans, both programs give you 45% as the highest rev share. Space Casino, though, gets a score in this aspect as it has a higher base rev share of 30%. When it comes to marketing tools and solutions, the programs are at a deadlock. They both offer effective promotional materials.

As far as payment terms are concerned, it can be hard to determine which program is better. It shall just depend on what currency you deal in. If you want a fiat-only program, give 1xslots a score. But if you want a choice between fiat and Bitcoin, it is Space Casino you should join. Also, never ignore which program gets a heads-up when it comes to affiliate support. If the presence of more than one support channel is important for you, give 1xslots another point. It provides you with not only email but also Skype support.

Overall, it is fair to declare Space Casino as the victor in this close match. With a higher base rev share plus a Bitcoin payment option, it will surely be a better choice for prospective affiliates like you.