ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates

Ranking Bitcoin affiliate programs according only to the rev share they offer is a good way to start your selection process. However, there are aspects other than the earning plan that you should consider in choosing the program that suits you best. So apart from looking at rankings online, you had better check out Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison write-ups like this ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates comparative review. Articles like this aid you in knowing which of each of the perfectly matched-up pairs of programs is more worthy of your attention.

ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates

As you may know, ElDorado affiliate program and Enzo Casino affiliate program let you market huge game libraries. ElDorado and Enzo Casino host almost the same types of games: card games, slots, and live games, among others. Also, both are Cyprus-based and are holders of a license issued by the Government of Curacao. But what set them apart are the salient features of their respective Bitcoin casino affiliate programs. The question now is: Which is the better program? Help yourself by reading through this ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates article.

ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Partnering with ElDorado will expose you to a wider range of rev share. The highest you can earn as a Bitcoin affiliate of the casino is 50% rev share. This ceiling rate is relatively higher than the highest rate offered by the rival program which is 45%. But unlike ElDorado’s, Enzo’s rev sharing depends on the number of players you invite to play. Also, Enzo Casino brings you CPA and hybrid deals. You may find either deal a great alternative to rev sharing.

This ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates portion advises you, though, to look not just at the earning rate. Check also which way of earning you really want. If you wish to earn based on the amount wagered by your players, team up with ElDorado. But if you want to earn according to the number of your invites or earn through an alternative earning plan, be Enzo Casino’s partner.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Another aspect to consider when you match ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates is the set of marketing tools. Having the right materials in promoting a gaming site will make you a more effective marketer. Therefore, you have to turn to a program that will give you the promo tools you need.

ElDorado gives you stats and some exclusive promo materials. Enzo Casino lets you use its marketing packages and in-depth reports. To be fair, the tools both sites offer may be useful in your campaign. It will just be up to you which of these sets will go well with your strategies.

ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates payment terms are some more points you need to know of. Remember that you will be more satisfied with a program if it pays on time. More so, you will get more convenience if the payment methods offered cover the right channels you need.

The good thing is both programs will pay you fast. It is ElDorado, though, which pays within a specified period – that is from the first to the seventh of each month. Enzo Casino, on the other hand, pays after you make a request processed on the 10th or 20th of the month.  Also, both programs give you the advantage of having no negative carryover.  However, it is only ElDorado that gives you a choice to receive Bitcoin payouts.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

As this ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates article suggests, take into consideration the ways you can reach customer support. Should there be any concerns, you will know how and when you could get support.

Head on, both programs use email and Skype as channels through which you can air your concerns anytime. But ElDorado advances as it adds live chat to your support channel options. Now you can expect faster response from the support team.

Verdict: ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates

Apparently, ElDorado gets a thumbs-up along all aspects. It provides you with a higher rev share, despite offering no alternative earning plans. It gives useful marketing tools and a more reachable support team. Lastly, it pays on schedule either in fiat or Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Enzo Casino still gives the competitor a good fight. It provides you with alternative plans in case you dismiss the idea of earning via rev sharing. It also brings you effective materials in promoting the gaming site. However, it gets left behind by a few steps because of its lack of live chat support. In addition, its payment to you still requires that you make a request.

In conclusion, this ElDorado vs Enzo Casino Affiliates match-up ends up with ElDorado as the better deal. But you should still check out the alternative plans offered by Enzo Casino. If you see these plans working better, you may always turn to Enzo Casino.