Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates

Which Affiliate Program Offers More: Tonybet or Wickedbet Affiliates?

Affiliates looking for a program that can let them promote a betting site with casino and sportsbook might be looking at Tonybet and Wickedbet. Both gaming portals are known for their large gaming libraries and irresistible promotions. The only difference is that Wickedbet offers more games, like punto banco, pontoon, and scratch. Read through this Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates review to know which program is better.

Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates

Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates Commission Plans

Both programs offer the revenue sharing scheme. Tonybet affiliate program offers you 30% rev share if your referred gamers play casino games and 20% if they bet on sportsbook and poker. Even better, Tonybet lets you earn additional commission via sub-affiliation. You just need to invite affiliates to promote Tonybet and you earn 5% from their monthly profit. This additional earning plan can help add more to your bankroll.

Meanwhile, Wickedbet Affiliates gives you a generous 50% revenue share as your referred players continue to bet on the gaming portal. This program might not offer you an additional commission plan, but its huge rev share offer gives you a good chance to earn income.

Tonybet Affiliates gives you more options to earn more, but you will have a hard time looking for an affiliate program as generous as Wickedbet Affiliate’s flat 50% revenue share.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Just like other Bitcoin affiliate programs, Wickedbet and Tonybet Affiliates provide you with effective promotional tools that can improve your marketing venture. When you become an affiliate under either program, you will receive banners, text links, and other promotional materials.

Another reason to join these programs is that signing up just takes a few minutes. You no longer have to wait for hours or provide unnecessary information just to be part of the program. Once you are accepted, you will receive an email along with the marketing tools.

Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates Payment Terms

Affiliates care about the payment schedule in the same way they make sure that the commission plans are worth it. You are in luck because both programs give out on-time monthly payouts. Wickedbet Affiliates sends your income through your chosen payment method on or near the 20th of each month. On the other hand, Tonybet partners receive their commission seven days before the end of the month.

Take note, though, that both programs impose a payment threshold. If you are a Wickedbet Affiliate, your income should reach €200 or more before you can withdraw your funds. But if you are a Tonybet partner, you should have at least €100 before you can cash out.

Another good point about both programs is that they have the “no negative carryover” feature. You can expect that you start the month with a clean slate. This feature gives you more chances of earning more.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If you have more questions, you can depend on the program’s support team. Both programs have reliable email support to assist you. Rest assured that soon after the program’s support team receives your message, a reply will be on its way to your email.

Do not hesitate to turn to the support team because Tonybet and Wickedbet Affiliates will make sure that you will not experience any problems as you market your preferred gaming portal. You can depend on your affiliate manager 24/7.

Verdict: Tonybet vs Wickedbet Affiliates

It was a close fight between these rewarding affiliate programs. Tonybet and Wickedbet Affiliates are in the same rank in almost all the categories. The programs offer the same marketing tools—banners, text links, and promotional content. They have a 24/7 support you can depend on. More importantly, both programs give you a peace of mind as you are sure to receive your monthly payouts on time. Knowing those, you can join any of the two; but by the end of this review, one of them will be declared as a better program.

After being pitted against a tough competitor, Wickedbet affiliate program was able to end this competition in first place with its worthy offers. The winning program proved itself better because of its flat 50% revenue share. No matter how many depositing players register through your Wickedbet link, your commission rate will always be a flat 50%. Even if Tonybet Affiliates also takes on the revenue sharing scheme, its 20% to 30% rev share is far from the 50% of its rival.

More so, if you join Wickedbet affiliate program, you can promote Wickedbet’s casino, sportsbook, and poker. Tonybet might have those as well, but Wickedbet offers additional games, such as scratch, punto banco, and pontoon.

Even if Tonybet Affiliates is not the winner in this review, it has most of the elements you need in a good affiliate program—various marketing tools, 24/7 support, and fast payment processes. But if you are aiming for the better program, join Wickedbet Affiliates.