Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates

Another Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison is on. This time, it is Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates. From afar, you may say the programs are deadlocked. But as you look closer at the differences between their features that are to be discussed in this write-up, you will find one of them is actually steps ahead of the other.

Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates infographic

First off, know that Gunsbet Casino and Space Casino, the flagship gaming sites of Gunsbet affiliate program and Space Casino affiliate program, respectively, both went live just in 2017. Both portals might still be young in the industry, but they are in full gear to rake in players from gaming markets around the world.

Not only are they up for the challenge to deliver great casino entertainment, but also they are in to compete with other Bitcoin affiliate programs. Inevitably, though, they are competitors of each other. Toward the end of this Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates matchup, you will see which of them stands out as a victor.

Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Let us now start breaking the tie. After all, there is no room for standoffs in this Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates comparative review, especially when it comes to profitability. This section boils down, then, to which Bitcoin referral program offers the higher ceiling rev share.

Head on, Gunsbet can give you up to 50% rev share based on the casino’s net gaming revenue. This is relatively higher than the biggest possible share Space Casino can give you which is 45%, also based on the gambling site’s net gaming revenue. The difference seems little, but the 5% gap is significant enough to get the thumbs-up of webmasters like you.

Now, Gunsbet gets a score. But the battle continues as there are still many other aspects you should take into consideration in choosing between the two programs. Read on and you shall see if Space Casino will be on a par with its rival.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Matching Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates requires that you take a close look at the programs’ campaign materials. You also have to know the reports they furnish to every Bitcoin affiliate. Besides, you want to go about your marketing with ease.

The good thing is, both programs shall hand over to you promotional tools that shall increase your chance of racking up a big number of players. They have for you text links and banners, to name a few.

More so, either program generates reports related to your performance as a casino marketer. View these on your affiliate account and you will find that tracking your referred players’ activities is just within a few clicks.

Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

A good partnership between a casino and a marketing affiliate is that which is founded on trust. A part of this trust is the way the casino’s referral program keeps its promise to pay partners on time through their desired channels and in their chosen currencies.

Luckily for you, either program is on schedule in topping up your account. You can expect to receive your payments on any of the first few days of each month. And if you accrued a negative balance, either program shall not let you set it off at the start of the next month.

However, of the two programs, it is Space Casino that offers you a choice to receive your payment in Bitcoin. Any generalist would see this as a reason to give Space Casino an extra point in this battle.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

It is vital for you to have a responsive support team. Any concern you have arising from your partnership with a gaming site needs attention. That is why we emphasize in this Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates write-up whether or not you can expect immediate response from either program’s support team.

It appears that Gunsbet deserves another score. It offers you not only email but also Skype support. Having two communication channels, Gunsbet promises you immediate response each time you contact your manager.

Space Casino, on the other hand, has email as its only support channel. Although it is the only means through which you can contact your manager, you can still expect to get professional response.

Verdict: Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates

Along all the areas considered, Gunsbets earned a point except for the part wherein payment currency choices are involved. Gunsbet’s lack of Bitcoin option in its payment terms, however, should not be treated as a deciding factor. After all, the range of revenue share it offers you is high enough to make you richer when you work all the harder.

Undoubtedly, Gunsbet is your winner in this Gunsbet vs Space Casino Affiliates roundup. But you should not think Space Casino affiliate program is not worthy of your membership anymore. In fact, if you want to sign up for both, do so. But if you want only one of the two, turn to Gunsbet.