BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates

This BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates comparative review is all you need in order for you to know about the two contenders simultaneously. Considering important criteria across Bitcoin affiliate marketing, we give you useful insights that will aid you in filtering your program options. Now which of these two is a better choice: BetBit affiliate program or FortuneJack affiliate program?

BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates comparison

A closer look at BetBit will make you see that it hosts a lot of live-dealer games. In fact, it is the biggest Bitcoin-accepting live casino. But it also has titles encompassing the slot category. FortuneJack, on the other hand, delivers more than just slots and live games. It also offers roulette, poker, and blackjack.

While the two brands have differing game libraries, they share some things in common in terms of their Bitcoin affiliate programs. But you should not expect that this roundup will end with the two programs meeting at a standoff. Read on and know which contender will get the upper hand.

BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates Commission Plans

As a Bitcoin affiliate, always consider your commission preferences. If you want a steady rev share of 40%, be a BetBit partner. The revenue sharing scheme of the program will not require you anymore to start at a low rate. You will not even have to hit any definite number of invites just for you to get the high 40% rate. Yes, all you have to do is to start racking up players for the gaming site. No matter how many gamers you bring in, your rate remains flat, yet high at 40%.

But if you prefer a rev share higher than that, team up with FortuneJack and get up to 50% of the losses incurred by the players you referred to the casino. This earning plan, though, has tiers. This means there are certain referral counts you need to meet before you can qualify for the highest rate which is 50%.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

The earnings promised by both BetBit and FortuneJack Affiliates are, indeed, higher than what most programs out there offer. Likewise, hitting those profits is not as difficult as it seems. You get the advantage of using the promotional tools brought forth by both programs.

As BetBit gives you banners and text links, FortuneJack allows you to use its premade campaign materials, resources, and assets. Either set of tools does not guarantee top results, but does promise to aid your job as a marketer. You can, however, rest assured that profit after profit will top up your account if you utilize those tools while you apply great promotional strategies.

BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates Payment Terms

Since the affiliate programs of BetBit and FortuneJack support cryptocurrency payments, you have the choice to receive your earnings in Bitcoin. Not only will this ensure you fast withdrawals, but also offer you secure banking. While BetBit pays on the 8th of each month, FortuneJack releases profits within the first two weeks of the month.

You should take note that BetBit carries over negative balances to the next payment period. This means you will have to set off your below-zero balance first before you can start again racking up profit. If you do not like this setup, consider FortuneJack’s “no negative carryover” policy. No matter how much loss you incurred within a month, the brand will let you start the following period with a clean slate.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If some problems arise as you go about your marketing, there is no better person to turn to than your program manager. That is why it is important for you to see if BetBit and FortuneJack affiliate programs provide contact support.

It is true that both programs have email addresses through which you can throw all your questions and requests. But it is BetBit that has an active Skype account serving as an additional means of communication between the support team and the casino partners.

Verdict: BetBit vs FortuneJack Affiliates

To update you on the scores garnered by BetBit Affiliates and FortuneJack Affilliates, let us now present to you this quick run-through of the battle that just ensued. Remember that the programs are neck and neck when it comes to the rev shares they offer, which are relatively high. Similarly, they are at a deadlock in terms of the effectivity of the marketing tools they deliver to affiliates.

The tie, however, breaks as the payments terms were brought up. FortuneJack took the lead as it frees you from negative carryovers, unlike its rival. Although FortuneJack scores behind BetBit along the aspect of affiliate support, you can still expect the former to respond to your concerns via email.

Evidently, we will have to give FortuneJack the trophy in this battle. The brand’s win, though, does not mean that BetBit should not be on your list of options anymore. In fairness to BetBit’s affiliate program, it has features that compete well with the best brands in the market. So if you are thinking of joining both, you may do so.