Skybook vs Pinnacle Affiliates

Will Skybook Affiliates or Pinnacle Affiliate Program Increase Your Profitability?

Sports betting gives sports enthusiasts a chance to watch their favorite sports and an opportunity to win prizes by betting on their favorite team or player. As the number of sports bettors grow, the number of gaming portals that offer sports betting also increase. Given this, some Bitcoin affiliates prefer to promote betting sites that have not only a casino section but also a sportsbook.

In terms of sport betting sites with satisfying Bitcoin referral program offers, Skybook affiliate program and Pinnacle Affiliates can be among your choices. Both programs have sports betting and casino games. But Skybook gives you a wider selection of game titles to promote as it has specialty games, like minesweeper and pontoon.

Do not make a judgment yet because in this Skybook vs Pinnacle Affiliates comparative review, the verdict as to which program is better will not be based solely on the gaming library. Some other aspects are to be considered, including profit structures, payment terms, and marketing tools, to name a few. Read more to find out which of the two affiliate programs fares better in terms of satisfying webmasters along those mentioned aspects.

Skybook vs Pinnacle Affiliates Commission Plans

Pinnacle partners have two commission plans to choose from—volume commission and revenue share. If you choose the volume commission, you will get profit based on the percentage of the referrals’ betting volume. Keep in mind that for each game, there is a corresponding rate. But that is not all as you also get 25% to 35% share of the casino’s revenue coming from your referred players.

Skybook affiliate program, on the other hand, offers a flat 20% revenue share rate. This removes your worries on reaching a required number of players just to get a specific rate. All you have to do is focus on raking in players for Skybook.

Keep in mind that you should not settle for less, especially when it comes to commission rates. An affiliate program should help you earn as you help its featured brands gain new players. Frankly, both programs offer low-paying commission structures. But if you are to go for whichever of the two that has a better profit plan, it is Pinnacle Affiliates you are looking for.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

This comparative review also gives you the opportunity to see the marketing tools and solutions that you will get from Skybook and Pinnacle Affiliates. Under Skybook Affiliates, you get banners, media content, and other tools. But if you choose Pinnacle affiliate program, you get a bigger package inclusive of ad banners, live odds API, pages, and more.

Every click made by potential players on those marketing tools can mean income for you. And whether you partner with Skybook or Pinnacle, you are going to receive reports on your income and player clicks-throughs. This will make it easier for you to monitor your campaign daily, weekly, or monthly.

Skybook vs Pinnacle Affiliates Payment Terms

Whichever affiliate program you choose, expect on-time payouts. Both programs make sure that you receive your funds safely via your chosen payment method.

On the other hand, Pinnacle takes another step forward as it sends money every week and imposes no withdrawal limits. Instead of waiting for a month just to get your funds, you just have to wait for every Monday to come as Mondays are when Pinnacle affiliate program pays the partners. Better than that, Pinnacle Affiliates lets you transfer your income to your Pinnacle player account.

Meanwhile, Skybook partners will receive their funds on the first day of each month. The program even supports reliable cash-out methods such as checks and Bitcoin. But, promoters of Skybook should remember that there are withdrawal requirements to be followed.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

As far as Skybook and Pinnacle affiliate programs are concerned, the two programs can give you answers to your inquiries once your message is received. The difference is that Pinnacle lets you reach the support team via email, whereas Skybook allows you to contact your affiliate manager via live chat, email, or phone call. Having three different support channels, Skybook Affiliates guarantees you a faster response to your queries.

Verdict: Skybook vs Pinnacle Affiliates

Promoting either Skybook or Pinnacle gives you the opportunity to target both casino and sports bettors. This could mean that you have a bigger chance of gaining income now that you have a wider market reach. However, between Skybook and Pinnacle, Skybook has a bigger gaming library, giving you more reasons to choose the betting site. In addition, Skybook earns another point as it has more support channels than its rival does.

Even if Pinnacle falls short of those features, it was able to match the score of Skybook because of Pinnacle’s various marketing tools and better payout terms. Most importantly, the program offers a higher commission rate, ranging from 25% to 35% rev share, unlike the 20% of Skybook Affiliates.

From banners to live odds API, affiliates of Pinnacle are sure to get promotional tools that can make their venture easier. Even better, the program gives payouts weekly. More so, the two commission plans of this program are better compared with the revenue sharing scheme of Skybook Affiliates. All in all, Pinnacle affiliate program is the winner in this comparative review.

Pinnacle’s win in this roundup, however, should not make you eventually join the program. The truth is, there are still a lot of other programs that can offer you bigger commission rates and more alternative plans. Read more affiliate program reviews to find the most suitable for you.