Pinnacle vs BetStreak Affiliates

For this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison, we put the Pinnacle vs BetStreak affiliates head to head. The two are well-known gaming sites. BetStreak is known for its online casino services like card games, table games, and slots. Pinnacle, on the other hand, is popular for its esports section, sportsbook, live dealers, and various betting games.

Pinnacle vs BetStreak Affiliates

Not only are the two brands known for their great gaming services, but their affiliate programs can also catch your attention. These programs give great ways for anyone to earn extra income. But of course, one program will always beat another when it comes to certain aspects. This comparison will help you choose which Bitcoin affiliate program is better for you.

Revenue Share

The first Pinnacle vs BetStreak affiliates aspect we look at is the revenue. This is one of the top features that can draw the attention of potential users.

The Pinnacle affiliate program gives a 30% revenue share of bets. Take note that the percentage you get depends on the sports. Winning players get you more profits and you will never face the trouble of having zero commission in a month. As long as your referrals are happy playing and winning, your bankrolls will be happy as well.

BetStreak’s revenue, however, starts a bit lower than Pinnacle. Despite this, the rates grow as you get more referrals but you will start with the initial rate of 25%. If your referrals deposit over 80 BTC or its US dollar equivalent, you get 45% share every month.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Pinnacle has marketing tools and support that features a complete system. You can find here quality banners and user-friendly tools that you can use these to get more players. Other tools include applications to watch the performance of your sites, pages, and revenue. You also get daily, weekly, and monthly reports from this program.

But if you want banners that can easily match your marketing campaigns, then the BetStreak affiliate program can be your top choice. The links in the banners direct to your designated profile and you even have the option to make numerous profiles. These profiles have their own data, statistics, and other important reports.

Pinnacle vs BetStreak affiliates both show promising qualities. In terms of marketing tools and solutions, you can never go wrong with any of the two.

Commission Payout

The Pinnacle vs BetStreak affiliates battle continues to heat up all the way to its commission payout offers. If you are a member of the Pinnacle program, you can get profits in two ways. You can get it in volume commission or full revenue share. New users automatically start with the volume commission structure for at least three months. What’s great here is that you get your payments on-time every week.

Meanwhile, you will get your BetStreak commission in US dollars or in bitcoins. The currency type relies on what your referrals use when they make a deposit. All earnings arrive on the first day of each month. Withdrawals use the same method as all players use in the casino. Remember that there are minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. All withdrawals exceeding 40 BTC will use a monthly installment plan.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

The Pinnacle vs Betstreak affiliates contact and support both show reliability. Pinnacle comes with a complete support team available any time. Similarly, BetStreak employs a responsive support staff that can cater to your concerns 24/7. If you’re a Bitcoin gambling affiliate looking for assistance, you can depend on both programs.


Finally, the Pinnacle vs Betstreak affiliates guarantee to have something for you. For those eyeing Pinnacle, expect a solid payout scheme. The fast weekly payments make it outstanding for those who want their earnings right away. You can also the great marketing tools to your advantage. But if BetStreak catches your fancy, prepare for diverse affiliate rates. Other aspects like the no negative balance carryover add to the charm. The fact that you can start the month with a clean slate always comes in handy to get more profits.