Slots of Vegas vs Ignition Casino Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Slots of Vegas or Ignition Casino?

Slots of Vegas and Ignition Casino are two well-known betting sites that offer a great selection of games. Slots of Vegas offers table games, slot games, video poker, and specialty games like craps, bingo, and hot dice. Meanwhile, Ignition Casino offers the same games but also has video poker, Sudoku, and keno available.

Apart from their huge game selection, both online casinos have affiliate programs worth checking out. Find out which Bitcoin referral program is better in this Slots of Vegas vs Ignition Casino Affiliates review.

Slots of Vegas vs Ignition Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Slots of Vegas and Ignition Casino Affiliate Programs both offer revenue sharing and CPA deal. Slots of Vegas will base your commission on the net loss of your referrals, in which you can earn 30% to 40% revenue share. If you prefer a CPA deal, you have a chance to earn US$60 to US$125 depending on the number of your referred players.

Meanwhile, Ignition Casino Affiliate Program offers up to 45% revenue share. You can get the ceiling rate by referring 251 or more players. But if revenue sharing is not enough, the program gives you the option to have the CPA deal whose terms will depend on your negotiation with your affiliate manager.

Both programs offer the same types of commission plans, but different revenue share rates. Although both programs have attainable earning plan requirements, your rev share percentage is higher with Ignition Casino.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Getting the ceiling rate will be easy with the help of the marketing tools. Fortunately, Slots of Vegas Affiliate Program and Ignition Casino Affiliate Program will provide you with campaign materials.

Slots of Vegas partners will receive mailers, site reviews, and banners. But if you prefer to receive more promotional tools, you have Ignition Casino. This betting site’s referral program will give you image resources, XML odds feed, banners, match up tools, text links, screenshot library, write-ups, and embed casino games. By having many materials, you have a bigger chance of improving your marketing venture for a higher monthly income.

Bitcoin casino affiliates like you can check the impact of these materials through the reports. Fortunately, the two programs provide you with reports that show the complete statistics of your campaign.

Slots of Vegas vs Ignition Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

Ignition Casino pays you on a monthly basis. You receive your income through your Bitcoin wallet as this is the only payment option that the program supports. Meanwhile, Slots of Vegas sends your commission through your player account, Neteller, checks by courier, or bank wire transfer on the 15th working day of the month.

Despite the difference in payment options, the two programs have the “no negative balance carryover” feature. This means that you start each month with a clean slate in case you incurred a negative balance in the previous month.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

The support channels of Slots of Vegas Affiliate Program and Ignition Casino Affiliates are always open for your questions. You can email your Ignition Casino affiliate manager if you have any concerns about the program. Or you can email or Skype the support team of Slots of Vegas. The added support channel of Slots of Vegas could help you get your answers faster compared with when you have only one means to communicate with your program manager.

Verdict: Slots of Vegas vs Ignition Casino Affiliates

Slots of Vegas and Ignition Casino have different payment schedules and methods, but both make it a point that you get your income safely and on time. More than that, both programs do not carry negative balances over to the next month.

However, there are a lot of differences between the two programs. Slots of Vegas earns the point for having two support channels, but Ignition Casino gets more points for having more campaign materials, a bigger game library, and better commission plans.

Clearly, Ignition Casino is the better casino partner in this comparative review. The casino’s affiliate program generously gives you various promotional materials to help you refer more players. It has a wide market reach because of Ignition’s huge game library, Most importantly, it offers up to 45% revenue share.

You can still join Slots of Vegas Affiliate Program if you want to. But if you are to choose only one partnership to enter, Ignition Casino Affiliate Program is your better deal.