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Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: or Tonybet?

If you want to make money by doing casino affiliate marketing, know that and Tonybet are among the gaming portals that you should consider promoting. These gaming hubs offer casino games, sportsbook, live casino, and poker. These casinos have a wide market reach, as both do not restrict players from different countries to sign up.

With these attractive features, you might find it difficult to choose between being a partner or a Tonybet affiliate. Do not worry, though. This vs Tonybet Affiliates review is here to let you know which program is more suitable for you. Read through to know more. vs Tonybet Affiliates Commission Plans Affiliate Program lets you choose between two commission plans: revenue sharing and CPA deal. If you choose revenue sharing, you will get 20% to 35% rev share. But if you are able to refer only three real-money players or less in six months, your rate will be lowered to 10%.

Meanwhile, Tonybet immediately places you under revenue sharing. Unlike the rival program that offers a tiered revenue sharing scheme, Tonybet Affiliate Program gives you a flat rate of 30% for live casino games and 20% for casino, sports, and poker. No matter how much revenue the betting site gets from your referrals, your earning percentages remain the same. You even have the option to add sub-affiliation to revenue sharing for extra income.

Although requires you to meet a certain amount of net gaming revenue in order to earn, it offers a ceiling rev share percentage that is higher than Tonybet’s flat commission rates. The catch is, you will have to contribute at least US$25,001 worth of net revenue to every month through your referrals so that you can earn the highest possible rev share which is 35%. If you are not able to meet this required net revenue contribution, your rev share percentage may become 30% down to 10%.

However, it is still important to note that a maximum rate of 35% is lower than the offers of other programs. There are Bitcoin referral programs that are generous enough to give you up to 60% revenue share.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

The affiliate programs of and Tonybet provide you with promotional tools for you to have a bigger chance of bringing in more players. gives banners, button links, and text links while Tonybet affiliate program lets you have access to ad banners, text links, and other promotional materials.

Since both programs give campaign materials, your marketing venture will be easier. In case you want to monitor the effectiveness of these materials, you can request the program to give you statistical reports. These will show your referrals’ activities as well as the changes in your commission. vs Tonybet Affiliates Payment Terms

You can expect to receive your commission on time from either or Tonybet Affiliate Program.  The former sends your income on the 15th day of the month through your Bitcoin wallet. Tonybet, on the other hand, will make sure that you get your commission seven days before the end of the month. You can choose from any of the supported cash-out options of the program: Neteller, Skrill,, bank wire, and WebMoney.

Take note that both programs have a payment threshold that you should follow. In addition, negative balances are carried over to the next month. Be sure that you maintain a positive balance in your account so there will be no deductions from your account the next month.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

You can contact the affiliate managers of the referral programs of and Tonybet through email. The support teams will do their best to give you satisfying answers to your inquiries. You can also ask for marketing strategies to improve your campaign. Expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

Verdict: vs Tonybet Affiliates

There are a lot of similarities between the two programs. Both offer a variety of games that are focused on satisfying different sorts of bettors: sports, classic casino, and live casino players. The two programs also provide you with various marketing tools that will help you grab the attention of your potential players.

Despite these good features, and Tonybet Affiliate Programs both have something unattractive in their payment terms.  Although both programs will pay you on time, they apply the “negative balance carryover” policy. This means that each time you end a month with a below-zero balance, you will have to set it off before your account can once again be in the positive position.

The only difference between these two programs is that the range of the commission rates of is higher compared with that of Tonybet. You can get up to 35% with, whereas you can get only 30% and 20% with Tonybet. With a higher revenue share percentage, is the better program in this matchup. However, you can still find a program that can give you a commission rate higher than 35%. Read more comparative reviews like this to know more about different programs.