iNetBet vs Bella Vegas Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: iNetBet or Bella Vegas?

Choosing a suitable referral program can be tough. You have to check if the conversions are high enough, if there are various marketing tools, and if the payments are on-time. Since there are several programs to choose from, it is important that you make the right choice. One way to find the perfect Bitcoin affiliate program is by reading comparative reviews like this iNetBet vs Bella Vegas Affiliates match-up.

iNetBet and Bella Vegas Affiliate Programs are backed up by program providers—Income Network and GrandPrive Affiliates, respectively. Both programs cater to a huge player population, including slot players and video poker games. Promoting either brand also lets you target table game players and those who prefer playing specialty games.

However, the two programs limit your market reach because of country restrictions. If you promote Bella Vegas Casino, you cannot bring in players from several countries such as Brazil, France, and Japan. Meanwhile, if you choose to join iNetBet Affiliate Program, you cannot have referrals from the US, Kentucky, and states with jurisdictions against online gambling.

Despite the country restrictions, you can expect the two programs to give you the best deals. But which program is more suitable for you? Read through this comparative review to find out.

iNetBet vs Bella Vegas Affiliates Commission Plans

If you decide to become an iNetBet partner, you will earn through revenue sharing. This means that your income will be based on the net revenue of the casino from your referrals. For example, the monthly net revenue of your referrals is up to US$1,999. You will then get the starting rate of 25% rev share. Bring in as many players as you can for you to get the highest rate of 35%. You can even refer your fellow affiliates for additional income.

Bella Vegas promoters, on the other hand, are offered two commission plan options: revenue sharing and CPA deal. If you choose revenue sharing, your rev share rate will range from 25% to 40%. You can get up to 50% rev share in your first three months as an affiliate as well. Meanwhile, you need to negotiate with your affiliate manager first for you to have the CPA deal.

In terms of commission plans, it is evident that Bella Vegas Affiliates is better. The affiliate program offers two commission plans and even a boost rate in your first three months. On top of that, the program has a higher revenue share rate than its rival.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

It is important that you are equipped with the right tools to make your marketing venture easier. Fortunately, you will receive free materials from Bella Vegas and iNetBet Affiliate Programs.

iNetBet will provide you with banners and tracking links that you can place anywhere on your website. On the contrary, Bella Vegas Affiliate Program will give you newsletters, images, graphics, and customized materials. Given these points, Bella Vegas Affiliate Program is the better choice as it provides a wide selection of marketing tools that can help you grab the attention of your potential referrals faster.

iNetBet vs Bella Vegas Affiliates Payment Terms

Bella Vegas Affiliate Program promises that you get your funds on time. That is why it sends your commission on the 7th day of each month with no negative balance carryover. You also have the option to choose your preferred currency among USD, EUR, or GBP. The program even supports several payment options, such as Skrill, Visa, and paysafecard.

iNetBet Affiliate Program pays you on the 21st working day of the month. Unlike Bella Vegas that allows you to select your fund transfer method, iNetBet will be the one to decide for you. The problem is, this program does not state its supported payment options and carries negative balances over to the next month.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Joining an affiliate program means you will be provided with a support channel so you can easily raise your concerns or questions regarding the program. The same goes for iNetBet and Bella Vegas Affiliate Programs. When you join either program, you can email the support team around the clock and expect a reply within 24 hours. You can even ask for suggestions on how to improve your campaign.

Verdict: iNetBet vs Bella Vegas Affiliates

iNetBet and Bella Vegas Affiliate Programs are known in the Bitcoin affiliate industry for their great deals. Both are backed up by renowned program providers and are targeting the same market. Whether you choose one or the other, you can expect the email support of to respond to your questions within 24 hours.

However, the two programs differ in terms of commission plans, marketing tools, and payment terms. iNetBet offers you revenue sharing with sub-affiliation, while Bella Vegas lets you choose between revenue share and CPA deal. If you prefer iNetBet, you need to refer as many players as you can to get the maximum rev share rate of 35%. If you think that is not enough, you can add sub-affiliation to your base plan.

Meanwhile, if you sign up with the affiliate program of Bella Vegas, you will have a rev share rate of up to 50% in your first three months. After that period, the maximum rate that you can have is 40%. You can also change your earning plan to CPA deal if you want to.

You can expect free campaign materials from both programs. But Bella Vegas offers more marketing tools than iNetBet. Instead of just having banners and tracking links, you will have customized materials, images, newsletters, and graphics when you join Bella Vegas. This program pays you monthly with no negative balance carryover. You will also have a chance to choose your preferred currency and payment option unlike its rival.

It is evident that the winner in this match-up is Bella Vegas Affiliate Program. If you still find iNetBet’s offers attractive, you can still join iNetBet’s program. But if you are looking for a program with better offers, then Bella Vegas Affiliate Program is the one you should sign up for.