1xBit vs Mars Affiliates

Once again, we make way for another one of our Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison pages. These articles are intended to place two brands side by side. This means you get to see their similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages. If you’re choosing between 1xBit and Mars, we present to you this 1xBit vs Mars affiliates write-up for your own benefit.


1xBit vs Mars Affiliates

1xBit is well-known for its sports betting and casino betting services. Today, you also get the chance to know more about its affiliate program, to become a partner, and to see what’s in store for you.

Meanwhile, we put the popular 1xBit brand head to head with Mars. Some might start looking into this site’s affiliate program, which is as good as the fun and exciting casino games it has to offer.

Revenue Share

1xBit vs Mars affiliates is a close fight when it comes to the revenue share models. 1xBit affiliates can earn as much as 40% of the gains from the referrals. You can boost this even more if there are changes to your earnings. However, this is determined by the management. You will get a notification if there are any changes to the rev share you currently have. Keep in mind that this is the only commission scheme 1xBit has to offer.

For Mars partners, the good news is that there are three deals you can choose from. First is using the revenue share deal. This is the initial deal everyone gets. It begins at 25% and can increase all the way to 45% once more new players start to register through your site.

The next option for a Mars Bitcoin affiliate is by inviting more affiliates. This is called the sub-affiliation model. You receive 5% of their monthly profit, which goes into your account right away.

The last option is the CPA deal. You can only activate this upon request. Remember that not all partners can qualify for this. You have to maintain a certain level of performance to become eligible for the CPA deal.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

In the subject of marketing tools, 1xBit vs Mars affiliates both show useful instruments you can display and apply on your sites.

1xBit partners get a referral link. You also get appealing banners that contain your referral links. Banners alone are great tools that can easily help you capture the attention of new and potential registrants.

The Mars promotional materials, on the other hand, feature a selection of various marketing tools that can give you the latest reports, statistics, and visual materials you can place on your site.

Commission Payout

1xBit vs Mars affiliates comparison is not complete without showing you the different methods of payment, payment schedules, and other related information.

If you choose the 1xBit affiliate program, you receive your earnings once a month. The schedule is set at every 20th of the month, with the minimum withdrawal amount of 0.5 BTC or its fiat equivalent. You are not allowed to process withdrawals if you increase it to 0.5 BTC or 500 mBTC before the succeeding payout.

Meanwhile, Mars partners have to be reminded that a minimum amount of €40 is required before any withdrawals are allowed to be processed. You can cash out your earnings either on the 10th or the 20th of the month. The payment options at Mars Casino affiliate program to date include Bitcoin, VISA, Neteller, Skrill, and others.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

1xBit vs Mars affiliates continues the battle all the way to contact and support. This is often an overlooked aspect of affiliate marketing efforts. That is why we also make it a point to discuss how both brands fulfill their support duties.

1xBit provides a selection of support channels for all partners. You can get in touch with a dedicated affiliate manager for any questions and concerns. You can also send a message to the dedicated support e-mail of this Bitcoin gambling affiliate program.

Mars Casino’s mode of support is also similar to what 1xBit has. If you choose to become a Mars partner, you get the full support of the affiliate manager. You can get in touch with the manager via e-mail or Skype.


Simplicity is one of the highlight features of 1xBit. The sole commission plan makes it simple for first-time affiliates. There are also no complicated rules or mechanics for your earnings and everything is easy to grasp.

The program of Mars, on the other hand, is a top choice for its flexibility. If you’re experienced in the world of affiliation, you will definitely get a kick out of the different commission models.

While both show useful and advantageous qualities, there is still room for improvement. 1xBit can still expand its payment options, which is currently limited to Bitcoin. This is great for those who want to withdraw their earnings in fiat straight from the site. For Mars, a greater list of marketing tools can be of great help for those who want to add more flair to their sites.

Overall, the 1xBit vs Mars affiliates display characteristics that can easily fit anyone’s preferences. Make sure you take your time before deciding to sign up with one of the two programs.